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Heavy Rotation Vol. 34

February 28, 2010

Another week, another Heavy Rotation. This one comes free of any tenuous connections or references to the “Hand Jive.”

Submitted for your approval: five artists; five songs; five stolen photos. Enjoy.

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Suede – Introducing the Band.mp3
If you’re going to hit the stage, there is no better intro than this track. Swaggering, bruising, bittersweet and suicidal all in one thunderous package. Normally known for their glammed-up Smith’s derivatives, Suede (or London Suede as we know them in the US – for no fucking apparent reason – some other Suede out there cranking out ambisexual glam rock stateside, I suppose) lay down a bottom-heavy foundation on which to strut their “fifty-knuckle shuffle heavy metal machine.”

Parents, lock up your daughters. And your sons. The British re-invasion begins now.

Dog man star took a suck on a pill
And stabbed the cerebellum with a curious quill
Europe, America, Winterland
Introducing the band

Hick thug stuttered through a stereo dream
A fifty knuckle shuffle heavy metal machine
The tears of suburbia drowned the land
Introducing the band

So steal me a savage, subservient son
Get him shacked-up, bloodied-up and sucking on a gun
I want the style of a woman, the kiss of a man
Introducing the band

And as the sci-fi lullaby starts to build
See them whipping all the women, cracked governments killed
Oh, let the century die to violent hands
Introducing the band, introducing the band
Introducing the band, introducing the band

No Age – Eraser.mp3
Comprising of two Los Angeles natives, No Age set up shop at the corner of Shoegaze and College Rock. Sounding like the best parts of Ride and My Bloody Valentine underpinning the best parts of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr./Sebadoh without the elliptical lyrics or bizarre detunings.

Catchy as fucking hell. Like Grade A Smallpox. In your brain.

Micro Titanic – Interplanetary Hunters.mp3
Straight outta the Netherlands, it’s Micro Titanic with an attack of cut n’ paste beats that brings to mind Close (to the Edit) by the Art of Noise and Beat Dis by Bomb the Bass. All good stuff, with a great 80’s vibe and some great horn samples. And hey, at 2:37, it’s not going to wear out its welcome anytime soon.

The Abrahammer – What Was Your Childhood Like?.mp3
From the 80’s into the 90’s with your host, The Abrahammer, whose mash-up skills take the Who, Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, the Rugrats theme and hit “blend smoothly.” Fun stuff. Prepare to nerd out completely around the 4:15 mark, when a very familiar videogame theme song kicks in and drags Missy Elliott  Amanda Blank (correction via the Abrahammer himself) around the block in an 8-bit Caddy.

Jay-Z vs. the Verve – Bittersweet Dirt Off Your Shoulders.mp3
From artist(s) unknown comes this blissful mashup of Bittersweet Symphony and Dirt Off Your Shoulders. It’s amazing how well Jay-Z’s anthem meshes with “the best song the Rolling Stones recorded in the last 25 years.” It’s also amazing how many royalties nobody’s earning every time this rolls.

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