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Top 50 Tracks of 2010: #21-30

December 12, 2010


#21. Pink Mist – Longer

“…rides a surf beat and some exceedingly bright six-string outbursts into the twilight.”

#22. Grinderman – Bellringer Blues

“…a caustic recasting of the three-chord simplicity that is the primordial stew of rock n roll.”

#23. Joy Division – Means to an End (Eamon Harkin Edit)

“Harkin retains the stripped down simplicity of Joy Division’s sonic attack while mixing in enough thumps and loops to claim it as his own.”

#24. Arno – All the Young Dudes

“Arno envisions Bowie as a proto-Jim Carroll, delivering the verses in a matter-of-fact drawl, shot full of seen-it-all cynicism, delivering pointed statements with the tossed-off casualness of a grocery list. Or a catch-all obituary.”

#25. UNKLE featuring the Black Angels – Natural Selection

“The bluesy-psychedelia of the late-’60s garage pop crossed with UNKLE’s electronic sensibilities.”

#26. Luger – Swastika Sweetheart

“Luger delivers some of the rockingest Krautrock in ages, borrowing rhythmic ideas from Neu!’s speedier bits, while adding an incredible amount of blazing organ tones.”

#27. Deftones – Rocket Skates (M83 Mix)

“Somehow, through unholy electronic sorcery, m83 manage to crank up the aggression while simultaneously losing every single guitar.”

#28. Twin Sister – Lady Daydream (Glitter Bones Remix)

“…the audio equivalent of an early-morning mist rolling off the ocean as it gently breaks across the empty shoreline.”

#29. White Ring – We Rot

“There’s beauty all over in here, but it’s the beauty of the damned, intensified by its brevity.”

#30. Young Boys – Bring Em Down

“The Young Boys (voted Most Likely to Google You Right Onto the NAMBLA Mailing List) take the fuzz and wah of the JAMC and run with it, making sure to pour on healthy amounts of burnt-out nihilism.”

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Top 50 Tracks of 2010: #31-40

December 3, 2010


40. Yu(c)k – Weakend.mp3 / / Daughter

“…atmospheric, stripped-down pain pop…”

39. Mater Suspiria Vision – The Afterlife

“Not exactly beach listening, but almost warm enough to keep family members from spontaneously bursting into prayer for your eternal soul.”

38. The Vaselines – Ruined

“… sounds like Boss Hogg and Imperial Teen engaging in a very noisy dry hump.”

37. Record Eating Machines – Roover

“Nothing says “dancefloor wrecking ball” like Record Eating Machines and nothing says exactly what this sounds like more than the onomatopeic ‘Roover.'”

36. Holy Fuck – Lucky

“…half-robot, half-Tom Morello and half-Parliament Funkadelic.”

35. Golden Ages – It Doesn’t Mean Shit

“It’s a distorted to hell and back, flanged-up piece of electro-wonk…”

34. The Delta Mirror – He Was Worse Than the Needle He Gave You

“The tune wears its heart on its sleeve, its pain on its chest and drags a corroded beat behind it…”

33. ///▲▲▲\\\ – How They Kill You

“…a 2-minute dungeon crawl, layering menace all over a foundation of misfiring drum machines, distorted vocals and an oppressively hellish organ…”

32. Brian Eno – 2 Forms of Anger

“Eno delivers the healthy sounds of an elder statesman, gleefully pissing on genre conventions…”

31. Parties in Belgrade – Statues

“…they’ve decided to channel pretty much all the feelgood parts of the Happy Mondays, with lead singer Carlos Anthony sounding more like Shaun Ryder than Ryder himself does these days.”