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Heavy Rotation Vol. 43 – OMG! Edition

May 9, 2010

It’s Sunday after all, and with the willful misreading of the Bible still fresh in our minds, what could be more appropriate than a fistful of tracks dealing with the Main Man himself, or as I like to call him: “The Second Set of Footprints.”

This week’s edition deals with numbers 6 and 7, as portrayed by the varied musical stylings of  some choice number 5’s. (If you need clarification on this, please check with Fundamental Jelly, who knows all sorts of stuff, but this specifically is right down his heavily-photographed alley.)

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Current 93 – Anyway, People Die.mp3
Current 93 have cornered the market on apocalyptic death-folk, mostly by running unopposed. As the band has soldiered on (and by band, I really just mean lead singer David Tibet), they have headed much more into the folk territory than the death part. This 1991 track, however, sees them splashing around in the deeper end of the death pool.

Musings on life, humanity and the omniscient figure of Christ get layered over a foundation of murky ambient-industrial. It’s bleak and brutal, in the way that truth can sometimes be.

Wolfgang Press – Christianity.mp3
With teeth and fists clenched, the Wolfgang Press deliver an incisive diatribe on the hypocrisy of God’s self-appointed middlemen over some stark electronics, going from spoken word ranting to backup vocalist crooning as the spirit (anti-spirit?) moves them.

The music’s reserved edge meshes well with the preternatural calm of the delivery, projecting the kind of strangulated anger that makes you feel the lead singer is this close to going home and cleaning his gun.

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – Kooler Than Jesus (edit).mp3
Chicago’s Thrill Kill Kult would like to remind you that a frank discussion of religion need not be all austere restraint and po-faced wordsmithery. Sometimes all you need is a bolder-than-the-Beatles statement and an assload of danceable groove.

Doing what they do best (and consequently, what their label Wax Trax! does best), TKK puts a sacrilegious spring in your step and a heretical song in your heart.

Army of Lovers – Crucified.mp3
There’s only one way to describe this track (and it’s probably not the word that first springs to mind…):


Sure, the word “fun” gets overused but take a listen and you’ll come to the same conclusion. What’s not to like? A full-on Euro-disco propulsion system pushes more camp than a forest full of Boy Scouts while the uplifting female vocalists gleefully throw themselves on the cross, accompanied by the duelling swordsmen’s casual French/Hebrew wordplay.

If this doesn’t put a ridiculous smile on your face and the lead in your pencil, well, good lord, man… There’s just no hope for you.

Orbital – Satan (Industry Standard Version).mp3
Well, you can’t talk about God without bringing this guy into the picture. Without him, god and man are mostly nothing. Orbital pays their respect with huge, crunching beats, time-stretched Satanic invocations and a brilliant sample from the Butthole Surfers to get the whole thing kicked off.