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Heavy Rotation Vol. 44 – South of the Border Edition

May 16, 2010

Pigface (who does not appear in this selection of tunes) sets the tone...

Between fiery arguments over immigration to Scott’s self-imposed exile amongst the close-but-oh-so-far-away ancestry, who isn’t fascinated with Mexico and parts beyond?

More “cultural” than neighboring Texas and twice as fun as “New” Mexico, Old Mexico is the land where anything can happen and usually does. When not providing a handy euphemism for oral sex, our South of the Border neighbors also provide visitors with quality entertainment like late night “donkey shows” and easy, anonymous abortions for their secretaries.

The advantageous exchange rate is also fun, allowing you to buy a year’s supply of Chicle for $5 and an entire policeman for $20.

So, prepare to hold tightly to your water supply and wallets as we head South of the Border for a fine selection of tunes reflecting the invigorating spirit of Latin America.

Rather just stay home? Lots to do right here:
The Heavy Rotation Archives

Daddy Yankee – Gasolina.mp3
While I am not generally a fan of the reggaeton scene, this Daddy Yankee tracks stands out with its Puerto Rican jeepbeat approximations and its “once upon a time a thug went to a rave” combination of synth melodies and Casio-esque drum builds. It all adds up to something more dangerous than its pedigree would suggest.

If there’s another song out there that conjures up riding shotgun with Vic Mackey as well as this one does, I haven’t heard it yet.

Juno Reactor – Pistolero (Fluke’s Hang Em High Mix).mp3
Speaking up conjuring up images, Juno Reactor’s surprise hit brings to mind dry, dusty shootouts and the kind of bloodletting that gets someone’s aerated corpse tossed into the nearest shallow body of water/vehicle trunk. Of course, this conjuring goes a lot easier when your tune is showcased in a major motion picture trailer. (Starting about 1:17.)

Fluke shows up to add a few drops of Morricone into the mix and some nice synth pulses, which complement the tasty bits of acoustic guitar strumming and vocal samples perfectly.


Mighty Dub Katz – Magic Carpet Ride (Ulti-Mix).mp3
A classic track from one of Fatboy Slim’s many alter egos. It has nothing to do with Steppenwolf and everything to do with bass, mariachi horns and pasting smiles across the faces of dancin’ fools. And try not to be one of those once this starts rolling. You’ll just wish you’d had the foresight to pick up a sombrero or two earlier.

(Of course, you can always come back here after acquiring the proper headgear. We’re always open.)

Pixies – Vamos.mp3
Black Francis and his fabulous Pixies head straight at you like a bunch of aggressive mariachis, firing off mangled border “Spanglish” over Bonham-esque drums. As you reel back and eye the emergency exit’s ill-timed “No Passar” sign, one of the guitarists starts slinging jagged shards and steel slivers of distortion in your general direction, possibly taking out that eye you were just using.

Might as well just grab some good old American dolares and brace yourself. They’re not done yet. The pace never lets up and the guitar keeps on being slung (?). Might as well sit back and enjoy some beautiful bastardized lyrics, as Francis sends the song out “con mi sister in New Jersey” and theorizes that:

We’ll be well-bred
We’ll stay well-fed
We’ll have all sons
They will be all well-hung

The children play
Their friends all say
Your daddy’s rich
Your mama’s a pretty thing

Frank Black – Calistan.mp3
After all the bumped bass, faux pistol shots and musical beatdowns from street performers, it’s time to relax. A reprise of sorts, with former Pixies lead singer Frank Black taking us down a few hundred years of Californian history in under 4 minutes.

Laced with some evocative guitarwork and some heartbreaking piano accents, Calistan’s all nostalgia and displacement, which is in no way diminished by Black’s “white boy” historical perspective and pronunciations.

Used to be sixteen lanes
Used to be Nuevo Spain
Used to be Juan Wayne
Used to be Mes-i-co
Used to be Nava-joe
Used to be Yippy-yay-I-don’t-know

... and provides this coda.



Heavy Rotation Vol. 24 – Awful Travelling Metaphor Edition

November 22, 2009

Prepare to take a journey through sound. We have many (well, five) destinations picked out for you today. This musical tour will take you to places unexpected. There is no unifying theme and your proxy-DJ grabbed these at random, or so it would appear.

So grab your bags and your Adderall and climb aboard. Your bags go in the overhead compartments or wedged under the jackass in front of you. Go ahead and toss that Adderall all over the tarmac. Where we’re going you won’t need an attention span.

Previous versions available here:
Heavy Rotation Archives

Mighty Dub Katz – Keep On Truckin’ (Streetlife DJs Remix)
Yet another face of the prolific Fatboy Slim. This single was originally released in 1995, but was plucked from the back catalog and given a huge rerub by the Streetlife DJs. Retaining the silky smooth DJ chatter (“Your funky DJ… in touch with your needs…“) and all of the original funk, Streelife adds some chopped up samples, punched up bass and some noisy retro videogame sounds. Included in both the original and remixed forms below.

This…is…soul. Keep on truckin’.


Original version:

Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve – Bubble Burst
Interesting stuff, this. Erol Alkan, a well-known DJ and remixer, joins forces with Richard Norris (former label owner and NME writer) to make some vintage-sounding psychedelia. Unexpected to say the least, but also very, very good.

This track runs some 60’s garage-rock guitars over a rolling Balearic beat, which is topped off with vocals that wouldn’t sound out of place two sections over in the “R&B” section, right next to Ray Charles and James Brown. All the stuff that shouldn’t work together sounds so good you’re left wondering why nobody threw all this shit in the blender before.

Imperial Teen – Pig Latin
The best pop band to never sell a million albums. Imperial Teen was founded by Roddy Bottum, who formerly keyboarded with Faith No More. No one makes a better 3 minute song. Catchy as fuck, layered with attitude and never afraid to let their psychosexual tensions take the reins, Imperial Teen are what we in the musical matchmaking business call a “keeper.”

This is one of their more downtempo tracks, dealing with the whole “relationship” thing.

I don’t mind looking at you
Your hair sticks straight up well
This spray can is my favorite
Vonnegut to William Hell
I don’t want to be happy
I want to mess around
But these drugs have made me sappy
I do love feeling down

Kraftwerk – Heavy Metal Kids
Does what it says on the tin, to the confusion of nearly everybody. Recorded live in 1971 for Radio Bremen, this audio anomaly features the icy keyboard automatons taking a noisy stab at making metal for the masses.

Using only their Teutonic attitudes and a shitload of electronics, the Werkers kraft (see what I did there?) a metal dirge worthy of Black Sabbath’s formative years. It takes about 1:30 before the groove kicks in, so stick around. The whole experience contains high levels of WTFness, so consider yourself warned. Oh, and also look out for the tempo shift around 4:30, which takes it all to another level. Headbanging for the pocket calculator set.

Yo La Tengo – Here to Fall
Yo La Tengo’s back and they brought their heartbreaking sagas, incredible songcrafting skills and some strings with them. First of all, this is no weeper. It’s actually a pretty straightforward rocker, utilizing a large amount of fuzzed-up, wah’ed-up guitar. It’s the string stabs that really bring the noise, accenting the guitar and playing off the piano’s contribution. It all sounds so amazing and yet so familiar, thanks to the strings which are just begging to be attributed to some novelty single from the late ’70s.

Don’t ask me why this all works so well. It’s just Yo La Fucking Tengo. It’s what they do.

All files zipped into one cacophonous folder:
Heavy Rotation Vol. 24
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