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Heavy Rotation 61

February 6, 2011

Featuring Power Animal, Ivansxtc, Big Troubles, the Liars and Blessure Grave in conjunction with the always delightful Deathface. Rather not have your music out in the open? Email me at for track removal.


Mike Doyle is doing impossible things with Legos.

Two views on blogging: It’s dead. It’s changing.

Fuckin’ McSweeney’s.

Power Animal – Better Water.mp3

Completely unrelated to Powermen 1-5000, Power Animal project a combination of swelling choruses and backsliding loops which coalesce into a compelling noise not entirely unlike what I imagine successful prayer sounds like: the ecstasy of an open line with the heavens mixed with prostrated frustration, resulting in unrevealing responses.

Ivansxtc – Yesterday.mp3

I may overuse “gorgeous” but that’s exactly what this is. Ivansxtc whips up a sonic daydream out of indescribable longing buoyed by repeatedly cresting waves of guitar crush and minor keys. Bears a solid resemblance to Peter Murphy taking My Bloody Valentine for a quick spin through the darker corners of 4AD’s catalog.  Apparently, Ivan cuts his product with tears of quiet desperation.

Big Troubles – Video Rock.mp3

Big Troubles bring back the big fun of the eighties via an underground broadcast of white-hot keyboard swirls and the most clattering of drums. It’s bunker-party rock broadcast on cellphone speakers, overdriven and compact. The audio equivalent of scrambled cable.

Liars – The Overachievers.mp3

The Liars return and bring with them this tasty slab of power-pop-punk, a radio-friendly unit shifter that snarkily bemoans complacency, hiding its self-hatred behind a smiling costume party mask. There’s some Pixies-esque guitar wrangling, some Ramones-ish shouting and plenty of “harmless” sentiments spat out through clenched teeth. Catchy as a motherfucker, too.

The smoothest move? When the chant morphs seamlessly from “L.A., L.A.” to “Help me, help me.”

Blessure Grave – Stranger in the House (Deathface Mix).mp3

Blessure Grave channels true goth, reaching into the past for the tortured soul of Fields of the Nephilim and then, I don’t know, fuck around and start moving furniture with their minds and cranking out page after page of automatic writing. Deathface pitches in as well, channeling the hoover clamor and arpeggiated synths of an early-90s warehouse rave, pushing everything forward on a sweat-drenched 4/4.

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Heavy Rotation 48

June 13, 2010

No theme this week, which should equal fewer words and more time for you to surf around the net while enjoying the finest in music via the Heavy Rotation.

[Another brief note: all tracks featured in the Heavy Rotation can be downloaded by right-clicking on the song title and choosing “Save As…” Just throwing that out there in case anyone was wondering.]

Browse here (all links will open in a new window, per Scott’s instructions):  (via Dubious Quality)  (and he’s got a million more great ideas… check out the whole Thinkstank site) 

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Rraaiillss – SPF85.mp3
First there was the Jesus and Mary Chain. And they were awesome. And as most bands do, they started strong and faded but were divisive enough to be considered influential, what with all their feedback and darkened outlook. But for a long time, bands called them an influence but gave no musical reason for us to believe them.

Suddenly, twenty + years after their feedback-drenched debut, bands all over the place are sound like JAMC meant more to them than just something to say to music journos. A Place to Bury Strangers, the Young Boys, Nikoo, etc. And now, the cat-on-the-keyboard-named Rraaiills.

However, Rraaiillss follows the less noisy path, with one-man band Adam Anderson staking a claim somewhere in the middle of Darklands, the milder sophomore album by the Scottish noise boys. It’s all understated distortion, hummable melodies and a bleak-as-the-great-Scottish-outdoors outlook. (You can pick up his entire 4-track ep for FREE here: )

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Nine Million Rainy Days.mp3
This one is for comparison. From the second album by the Jesus and Mary Chain, in which they mostly turned their back on walls of feedback, but didn’t quite do an entire 180 and start looking their audience in the eye. An atmospheric broken hymn to a collapsing relationship and the attendant exposed nerve endings of obsession.

Liars – Cycle Time.mp3
Unfolds like a bar fight. The first half is the buildup, instigated by the wrong thing said or the stare that goes on a beat too long. The chips fall off the shoulders at 1:06, leading to a chorus that hits like a swung bottle. It’s over as quickly as it starts, leaving behind nothing but bruises, blood and the echo of footsteps escaping the scene before the cops show up. Check out more from the Liars here:


autoKratz – Kick (BANKSY Mix).mp3
Banging away at your psyche with brooding efficiency, autoKratz’ dark tech/prog house banger (like they made in the good old days) features some icy, industrial-esque vocal distortion and an assortment of haunting electronic hums and ping-ponging scary noises.

The 4/4 thump and bass thrum move the track along with enough singlemindedness to get asses on the floor, where it proceeds to scare the bejeezus out of anyone chemically-addled enough to get too close to the bassbins. A lot like Front Line Assembly’s best work.

Chemical Brothers – K+D+B.mp3
Los Hermanos Chemical are back! Thank god. And I don’t just mean they’ve released a new album. No, they’ve done plenty of that recently with middling effectiveness and an annoying reliance on guest stars to aid in their quest to abandon their fanbase and acquire the kind of listeners who have shown a distinct tendency to pick Lady Gaga or whatnot instead.

No. Not just another album.

They. Are. Back.

Further is easily their best album since 1999’s Surrender, which is fitting because this album sounds a whole lot like that one. And I couldn’t be happier. It’s melodic. It’s thumping. It’s the underground we all wanted to be a part of. It’s the 4am set that turns to bliss as the sun rises over 20,000 dancers in a field, celebrating a primal togetherness that can only be explained by hamfisted writing and botched metaphors.

K+D+B is all that in one 5-1/2 minute track. Starting with some drums right out of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, the ChemBros kick up the pace, relying on not much else but the syncopated beats. Around a minute in, the keyboards and samples kick in, bringing the track into the daylight and warming everything around it. 1:43: something that could be called an electro-bagpipe kicks in. A buzzing burst of treble noise, but calling it “noise” does it a disservice. It adds rather than distracts.

Builds and builds and builds and why the fuck not? The sampled singing keeps telling us “higher.” I’m only making things worse by attempting to express the pure euphoria and enchantment that two guys with a room full of switches are capable of evoking. Just listen.


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Heavy Rotation Vol. 35

March 14, 2010

Welcome back, my friends to the show that never ends, thanks to funding (in whole or in part) from the Hallmark Corporation (who would like to remind you that purchasing only one card for Valentine’s Day is like cheating on your loved one with their ex) and some fine legal negotiations by our retained law firm which have allowed us to achieve Fernando!!!!-esque adulation in exchange for our souls (which were mostly used up anyway).

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Fischerspooner – A Kick in the Teeth.mp3
For a couple of performance artists who swear they hate synthesizers, Fischerspooner sure do make some pretty music with them. Another of their pulsing fits of depression, which builds to the singalongiest of choruses.

It’s all about the elegantly stated ennui, ladies and gentlemen. Ennui with a strangely forward-looking twist. Kickstart your headspace.

Zombie Nation – Mas De Todo (Rodelledo Mix).mp3
Zombie Nation (you may remember him from the impossible-to-avoid Kernkraft 400 single from the early-2k’s) has returned with something completely unexpected. Instead of riding the glitch-bandwagon or giving ravers something to “sing” along to, he instead drop this masterful piece of dance floor madness.

So what’s the fucking what? Horns borrowed from a 70’s cop show theme song, riding along to what sounds (to my untrained ears) like a 6/8 beat, topped with fun noises, pitch shifting and shouts of “Mas!”

Peepholes – Lair (E*Rock Mix).mp3
Another day, another UK electro duo, banging KAOS pads and various instruments in an attempt to out-Lightning Bolt their competitors. Only, you know, good.

Sounding like Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic having its way with the soundtrack from A Clockwork Orange while a shouty student demonstration marches past the windows and directly into a distorted wormhole.

Beat the Devil – Shine in Exile.mp3
Like a languishing Stevie Nicks fronting Clinic while the Fiery Furnaces call out requests. Where else but in New York could a 5-foot 2-inch lead singer combine with a 6-foot 5-inch bassist and produce something that sounds nothing like anything else out there at the moment.

It’s probably the harmonium-as-focal-point. Or the distinct lack of guitar. Either way, it’s knock-you-on-your-ass good. Oh, and Kathie Lee Gifford’s name gets taken in vain about halfway through.

Liars – The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack.mp3
Via Los Angeles by way of Nebraska(?) and finally coalescing in New York, it’s experimental punk/rock/noise/art band, Liars. This particular track travels down the quieter side of their catalog, with predictably fantastic results (he said, carelessly tooting his own horn with one hand while scratching his own back with the other).

Sung low and slow, over a pace that could be generously described as “langorous,” The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack adds yearning to hopelessness and comes up with something transcendent.


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