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Heavy Rotation 54

July 25, 2010

I don’t have three links picked out this week due to some scheduling conflicts (read: more going on than I have actual hours for). Instead, I’m posting links to three blogs I read regularly. (Again, time permitting.)

All links open in a new window. Right-click on song titles to download.

Newmark’s Door – Full of killer links

Hit & Run – Reason’s top-notch libertarian blog, which manages to inform and entertain without going all “guns in a shack” psycho.

No Pain in Pop – Way out on the cutting edge. HR wouldn’t be what it is without their ceaseless exploration…

Previous Rotations available here:
The Heavy Rotation Archives

Deftones – Rocket Skates (m83 Remix).mp3
First of all, I’m never really sure whether to pronounce them as the Def-tones or the Deft-ones. (Wiki says “Def-tones,” but then Wiki says a lot of stuff. I’m going to go with the second.)

If you had to listen to one nu metal band, you could do a whole lot worse than Chino Moreno’s band, which has been a formative force in many a lesser nu metal band. Needless to say, we’ll try no to hold that against them.

But what we’re really here for is the remix. And m83 do a number on this one. Somehow, through some sort of electronic sorcery, m83 manage to crank up the aggression while simultaneously losing every single guitar. There’s not a single six-string chord in sight and yet, the track still sounds raw and unhinged. Moreno’s vocals deserve some of the credit here, helping to pace the tune while being set adrift from his usual rhythm section.

It all adds up to a Deftones track that I would not only listen to, but listen to repeatedly.

Twin Sister – Lady Daydream (Glitter Bones Remix).mp3
A gorgeous daytripper filled with the swooning harmonics of the greatest ’60s girl group to never exist, filtered through electronica (via Glitter Bones) that lies somewhere between Telepopmusik and Peepholes. It’s the audio equivalent of an early-morning mist rolling off the ocean as it gently breaks across the empty shoreline.

Plus, it features one of the most self-effacing daily affirmations ever:

Just because I’m losing you
Doesn’t make me a loser

Oh, and check out their site. Not only does it do the usual tours/releases thing, but stems for all songs are available so you can remix them yourselves. Bedroom producers: start your laptops.

Toy – The All Seeing Eye.mp3
English-Norwegian electronic duo Toy’s take on dub will no doubt be shunned by the very genre it embraces, because, for some goddamn reason, dub is taken very seriously by its fans. All thses kids with sunken cheeks and studio tans keep hanging around bringing everybody down with their “it’s 40 degrees and raining in my head… all the time” moodiness.

Who says dub has to be all detached and distended? Toy certainly doesn’t. Their track gurgles away, wandering around carefreely, past some cartoonish noises and into a whole pile of synthed-up strings. Not entirely unlike Dub Narcotic Soundsystem, who seldom took their “job” seriously while still managing to deploy every reverberating trick in the book.

Hot Chip – I Feel Better (Den Haan Remix).mp3
Den Haan, Glaswegian disco-technicians (and featured in an earlier Heavy Rotation), turn in a brilliant retro remix that recalls flourescent-covered bodies strutting their stuff on a smoke-filled dancefloor, when not slipping away to the restrooms to dice up coke rails with their corporate credit cards.

Plushgun – Mixtape (Buffetlibre Remix).mp3
With a track name like “Mixtape,” you know Plushgun is looking backwards. Between their rearview mirror and Buffetlibre’s surehanded post-production, it sounds like nothing less than the second coming of Erasure, who never really went away, actually. It’s just that no one really talks about them anymore…

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Heavy Rotation Vol. 26 – Pop Tarts and Retro Night

December 6, 2009

Heading back to the pop end of the spectrum as a palate-cleanser after last week’s weed-and-uppers bender. After spending what seems like hours with unfocused proto-metalheads and their paranoia, it’s time to head back to the future (the present) and stroll around in the past (by way of some artists of the present who are hard at work on the future of music). 

This will all become clearer as the music starts. Let’s let a little light in here.

That’s better. Your eyes will adjust. So will your ears.

Previous adjustments available here:
The Heavy Rotation Archives

Annie – Chewing Gum (Mylo Mix)
Blonde and Norwegian as hell, Annie hit the pop scene in 1999, as the Kylie Minogue it was “cool” to like. (This was up until Kylie became the Kylie it was “cool” to like, with the release of Can’t Get You Out of My Head. Danni still remains mostly unlikeable. She’s like an Ashlee Simpson.)

A saucy little pop tune, about disposable boys who can be tossed aside like chewing gum once the “flavor is gone,” is toughened up by the production of Mylo, who gives it a little more bass swagger and some thumping kick drum.

Enjoyable as a brisk walk in the altogether and nearly as memorable. (The police will “remember” it permanently in that ever-swelling file of yours.)

Goldfrapp – Ooh La La
Alison Goldfrapp, the Annie it’s still “cool” to like, makes some truly sensual synthpop with impeccable production values. Ooh La La invites you to “dial up her number” and “switch her on.” Who are you to say no?

No. Seriously. Who the fuck do you think you are? Listen to the breathy, seductive voice. Listen to the galloping, lithe backbeat. That infectious chorus rising over some buzzing synths and guitar-tweakery.

And then there’s the drop. Removing everything but some bass rumble and spare handclaps, bringing Ms. Goldfrapp’s “voice that raised a thousand tent poles” to the front.

You won’t be saying no.

Late Nite Tuff Guy – Changes
Late Nite Tuff Guy, aka House Master Cam, aka Carmelo Bianchetti, takes a throwaway Gary Numan track (from 1989’s Automatic) and turns it into a low-key house monster.

Hailing from Australia but following the Italo-House blueprint of his forefathers, DJ HMC tuffens up Numan’s electro with some 808 drums, some quavering synths and a bassline that wouldn’t seem out of place during disco’s mutation in house music.

Compares favorably to proto-house classics like Cerrone’s Supernature or Laid Back’s White Horse and wouldn’t seem out of place in Danny Tenaglia’s rotation or being rerubbed to perfection by the guys in Deep Dish.

Den Haan – Heist
Exploding out of the gate (with an actual digital explosion… um… sound) like Georgio Moroder covering the Miami Vice theme, Den Haan carve themselves into history through a careful and brilliant reimagining of every early-’80s instrumental theme song into a surgical synthtastic strike that sounds simultaneously familiar and like nothing you’ve heard before.

There’s musical shoutouts to everything in here: drums from Can, the aforementioned Moroder, Jan Hammer’s clattering electro-drums, chanted vocals a la Bow Wow Wow or A Split Second and here and there a few piercing synth stabs recalling John Carpenter’s soundtrack work.

DJ Geometrix – What You Know About a White Wedding (T.I. King vs. Billy Idol)
As I’ve said previously, I have a weakness for hip hop. But my weakness is usually only fully exposed once said hip hop tracks in unchained from the same-old, same-old 808 beats and given a new leash on life with an unexpected life partner.

Enter DJ Geometrix, whose mind added 1+1 and got “fuck yeah,” with his reimagining of our musical world which now views T.I. and Billy Idol as co-partners in a rebirth/rekilling of rock and roll.

All files in one white-hot pop mess:
Heavy Rotation Vol. 26
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