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Heavy Rotation Vol. 41 – Arguably Less Familiar To Millions But Still Recommended (Especially to the Cool Kids of Death)

April 25, 2010

This was the night went it all went haywire
Spun records by strobelight
Set cars on fire
Fed E to the goths just to force a smile
Drug em off the walls
Just to dance for awhile
Watch em trade their black for bright new day-glo
Write self-prescriptions
Trade dope for yayo
Big ideas float on waves of bass
Dub cuts Wax Trax
Out of Space
Out here on the dancefloor
It’s assholes with elbows
Tweaked-up punks
Tweaked-out emos
Cuttin up records with a disco sawzall
Manic depressives
Gettin high on Midol
Flashes of talent
Disco biscuits
Marxist tomboys
Pancaked Misfits
Pasted-on grins from too much X
Sweaty bodies
Faceless sex
When it’s all over there’s nothing left but trash
Used up men count up piles of cash
Played out players look to cut and run
Embrace the darkness
Beat the sun

Now all it needs is a beat. Oh. There’s some.

More beats – MC CLT = A Better Overall Experience (Which Awaits You on the Offworld Colonies, Which Are Located Behind the Blue Link Below):
The Heavy Rotation Archives

War – Low Rider (DJ Kue Mix).mp3
Kue grabs ahold of a verbal sample and some of the best drum bits and, after a chopped and flanged drop, brings in a wobbly, drunk-off-its-ass bassline. The end result? A War built for dancing. Like when the Jets met the Sharks, only without all that Romeo/Juliet baggage.

Joy Division – She’s Lost Control (Tronik Youth Shredit Edit).mp3
Tronik Youth gazes at Joy Division’s insanity plea and sees their undervalued rhythm section as a jumping off point, bringing an industrial edge to the proceedings. Shredding the vocals and running the track through an electro chop shop, Tronik Youth finally drags the metallic carcass, clanking and screaming, to the dancefloor. Or as close to the dancefloor as its faulty electronics will allow.

Buzz buzz glitch. Buzz buzz bang bang bang.

DeathSet – Negative Thinking (Treasure Fingers Remix).mp3
Treasure Fingers lays down the law on these shouty, punky misfits, confining them to their immaculately remixed room. Still as singalongable as ever, Treasure Fingers retains the sweaty urges and colorful language of the original while adding layers of restraint and muted color, dressing the boys up in robotic Sunday best and presenting them to the world as well-rounded, if occasionally profane, individuals.

Slayer – Raining Blood (Sexistalk Remix).mp3

I went to a rave and a mosh pit broke out.

Totally. Well, it was mainly amped-up pogoing.

I know.

Best rave ever!!! 

Pixies – Where Is My Mind? (Bassnectar Remix).mp3

Pixies Remix Club Rules
1. You do not fuck with a classic.
3. If someone does fuck with a classic, taps out or adds a limp 4/4 and calls it good, they will be mocked and derided and their electricity cut off.
4. One remixer per remix.
5. One remix at a time.
6. Clothing optional. (?)
7. The remix will go on as long as it has to.
8. If it’s your first remix, start somewhere else. Maybe with any of the millions of lesser bands out there.

Bassnectar follows the rules. He toughens up Steve Albini’s already “not pussy” drums and throws in some nice buzzing noises.  Good stuff.

Here’s a bonus for everyone still playing. And when I say “everyone,” I of course mean mainly FJ, who routinely makes Pixies references when not being praised for his Lynchian qualities.

Pixies – The Thing (Allez Allez Bootleg Mix).mp3

Oh, and the Cool Kids of Death? Just a rather nice St. Etienne track, which unfortunately doesn’t live up to its menacing name, but then again, what possibly could?



Heavy Rotation

May 9, 2009

Hopefully, a soon-to-be regular feature as I release whatever earworms are currently making me ask, “Does this look infected?” 

This week’s contagions are:


DeathSet – Had a Bird.mp3
Those of you familiar with Baltimore’s DeathSet know that they are revered for their shouty, drum-machined punk and relaxed attitude towards the word “fuck.” For those of you that are unfamiliar, Baltimore’s DeathSet are known for their shouty, drum-machined punk and relaxed attitude towards the word “fuck.”

This track contains none of those. Except the drum machine. Tuneful, mildly twee and full of wist, Had a Bird is a happily sad song that conjures up vague nostalgia and hopefulness. It’s much better than I’m making it sound.


A Place to Bury Strangers – Runaround.mp3
New York’s loudest band (you could look it up) with a track not found on their stunning debut album. All machine-gun drums, pulverizing bass and staccato blasts of distortion and feedback. This track combines the best part of two Jesus & Mary Chain albums (Psychocandy for the feedback; Honey’s Dead for the rhythm section) into one brutally cohesive whole.


Test Icicles – What’s Your Damage? (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix).mp3
England’s Test Icicles (wait…test… icicles…no… no… yes… no… yes… I get it!) bashed out some boys’ own dance-punk (emphasis on punk) for a couple of years back in the day (to be specific: 2004-2006). French house producers Alan Braxe and Fred Falke drag the Icicles through some very tuneful synth work and rewire the track into something that wouldn’t sound out of place in your sister’s music collection.

Won’t impress the jocks anymore, but really, the only thing they offered was instructions on how to straddle the line between consensual sex and rape. Fuck em. Play it loud.


Grinderman – No Pussy Blues (Freeland Dub).mp3
Rockier side project of death enthusiast Nick Cave. Adam Freeland, breakbeat producer extraordinare, slices, dices and chops Cave’s ode to not getting any into a dancefloor anthem. Certainly will never be as popular with the ladies as it is with the dudes, but that’s a common issue with blue ball songs and the breakbeat genre. In other words, Mom’s not going to like it.


TV on the Radio – Mr. Grieves.mp3
Nice little ep track from TV on the Radio. A beautiful cover of the Pixies’ Mr. Grieves done in a way that shouldn’t work (accapella/doo-wop) but once you’ve heard it, it seems to be the only way it could ever have been done.

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