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And Now a Quick Break from Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

September 21, 2009


Happy 3rd birthday, stud. That’s my youngest up above, doing his impression of Macaulay Culkin’s career. There are more photos over at Tetra Master.

I wish I had a ton of wisdom to impart to you but a.) someone has already beaten me to it and b.) I mainly play the class clown on the internet.

I am certain of very few things in life, but here are a few:

1. I will always be happy you’re a part of my life.
2. No matter how brief the glimpses are, I always get a thrill from seeing the world through a child’s eyes.
3. You are going to be trouble. Someone who is 2-going-on-3 shouldn’t be working so many angles.
4. Listen to music. Read. A lot. Get a hobby. Follow what interests you, no matter how unpopular.

Some advice:

Don’t hate irrationally. Racism, sexism, etc. is for cowards.
If you need a large group to hate, take aim at the politicians. You’ll just be returning the favor. They have contempt for the public, whom they feel are too stupid to live their lives without a million rules and too ignorant to properly spend their money.

Think before acting.
This sounds like a cliche, but if you find yourself rationalizing a lot of your actions, you’re doing the wrong things. Make good decisions. Act with confidence.

Use slang judiciously.
Either use very sparingly, so it’s a refreshing surprise; or use it completely out of context.

Love your brother and sister.
At times they may be the only friends you have. And at some point, you may have to borrow money from them.

Listen to your mom.
You can safely ignore about half of what I say. Just choose the right half. Don’t do this to your mom. She’s done all the hard parenting and she actually knows what she’s talking about.

Raise the bar.
Find out what others expect of you and exceed it. Aim higher. It’s not so much about impressing them as it is about staying hungry. Complacency is a monster. The greatest danger to your potential is the limits placed by others.

A general note about school:
School is important, but for all the wrong reasons. It preps you for an 8-hour workday. It teaches you that it’s easier to punish everybody than it is to hold people responsible for their own actions. It shows you how easily the system can be “gamed.” It shows you the futility of throwing good money after bad. It makes you aware of how dangerous it can be to voice your opinions. It teaches you how to stand in line. It sands the corners off square pegs so they can fit in round holes. It shows you how to run with the pack.

This will be the toughest place to retain your individuality. Take only what is important from the experience. Fight it. We’ve got your back.