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Sonic Collision V3: Saturday Night Is Perfectly Adequate Edition

April 9, 2011

Just a quick post here for the latest Sonic Collision. I’m afraid there shan’t be a Heavy Rotation this weekend as my computer was taken for a spin across the tracks by a careless user, where it began behaving like an ecstasy-addled sorority girl, letting every morally-dubious piece of script have its way with it. I don’t know when it will be back in service, but it has severed my link from a great deal of my music selection and typewritten thingies.

So, for the time being, enjoy these two tracks (which I uploaded before my computer went viral). I will continue to stay connected through my underpowered netbook and its eye-bleeding 10.5″ screen.

Previous Collisions here:
The Sonic Collision Archive

DJ Clivester – The Surface of Saturday Night (Elton John vs. the Chemical Brothers).mp3

DJ Clivester

The Kleptones – Saturday White (Elton John vs. Billy Idol).mp3

The Kleptones



Sonic Collision Volume 1

March 24, 2011

As I threatened way back in the day (actually about a week ago), I’d be posting more mashups for your listening pleasure. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a high-quality pileup of tunes both familiar and un-? (Soulless assholes, that’s who. But none of the followers of this blog fit that category.)

So, here’s the first of what’s hoped to be many, many posts featuring some of the best bastard pop in the business.

tOtALcULt – Fire Breathing Fists (Charlie Sheen vs. Cypress Hill).mp3

Suffering from Sheen overexposure yet? Perhaps not so much? Can’t get enough cocaine wisdom?

It doesn’t really matter what you answer, because Totalcult is here with the remedy, which also happens to be part of the problem. Listen in awe/annoyance as Charlie talks smack over Cypress Hill’s weeded beats.

Via the always amazing Bootie Blog.

A+D – $20 Monday (M.I.A. vs. New Order).mp3

Speaking of the Bootie Blog, here are the hosts matching up M.I.A.’s languorous half-rap with one of the most famous dance tracks in the history of ever. M.I.A. does a little on-the-fly remixing of her own, quoting a bit of the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?”

More links:

Mashup Industries, home of DJ Clive$ter, Dan Mei, DJ Schmolli, KrazyBen, & Mark Johnce.

The incomparable Dave Wrangler.

The inexplicably named DJ Lobsterdust.

The mashup artist’s mashup artist: DJ Earworm.



Heavy Rotation Vol. 27 – Bootlegger’s Delight

December 13, 2009

As promised/threatened, a Heavy Rotation full of mashups and bootlegs. It’s a magical place where 1+1 = whatever you want it to be. Get ready to sing along as frontin’ mcs find themselves draped all over beats and melodies they wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot Roland 808.

Previous, less tangled volumes available here:
The Heavy Rotation Archives

Diamonds – Margherita Hustle
First up, we have two selections from Diamonds, an omnipresent fixture of the Chicago/Milwaukee electro scene. The first selection drops Rick Ross over a lighthearted and bubbly late period Herb Alpert sort of track. I have no idea who provides the backing music and can’t seem to find more info anywhere. If anyone knows what it is, I’d be somewhat eternally grateful (based on trends toward immortality).

Diamonds – Miami Vice Unit
The second selection finds 50 Cent’s G-Unit riding shotgun with Jan Hammer in a speeding cigarette boat. Not as infectious as the previous track, but still a hell of a lot of fun.

DJ Paul V – Tequila Lip Gloss (Lil Mama vs. the Champs)
Does what it says on the tin. Lil Mama’s ode to beauty products gets busy with some incredibly drunk faux-Mexicans. And everyone always says nothing good comes from pounding tequila all night long (Tia Tequila notwithstanding).

Fat Joe & Lil Wayne vs. Hot Butter – Make It Rain Popcorn (DJ Johnatron Edit)
Hey kids! Selling drugs provides the sellers with mad cash! Mad cash they will soon be throwing wildly around in the club! I mean, in da club!

Get down to the novelty disco sounds of Hot Butter and throw down with the baddest pushers this side of legality.

Lil Jon vs. Zombie Nation – Act A Fool (Flosstradamus “Ravestradamus” Mix)
Flosstradamus does us all an inadvertent favor, dragging Lil Jon crack-addled hollering into the nearest rave. Tales of drunken shenanigans mesh pleasurably with Zombie Nation’s inescapable hit, which should soon have you rapping like you’ve never rapped before and chanting rhythmically like you haven’t since Blur released Song #2.

All files made to “play nice” and zipped for easy transmission:
Heavy Rotation 27
(link opens in new window)


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