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Heavy Rotation Vol. 11 – French House

August 23, 2009

It’s taken weeks but I finally have a Heavy Rotation with an actual theme. And what a theme!

As you read on, feel free to take the exclamation point off the previous sentence at any time. But musical tastes being subjective and whatnot, I’m going to head off to the club and spend a little time discussing French House.

House music being very much an offshoot of disco, usually featuring a somewhat milder tempo and more vocals than your average techno genre, has enjoyed immense popularity in Europe. However, the French have actually taken the idea and run with it (rather than from it, like so many other ideas, like defending your country).

The positives they’ve added are: fewer vocals (for me, this is a positive), more filters and some of the funkiest basslines ever etched into vinyl.

Previous versions here:
Heavy Rotation Archive.


Alan Braxe – Rubicon
Release in 2004 to much fanfare (I would imagine), Braxe’s lovely slice of funky French house travels pleasantly along with some tasty pads and synths and, of course, a little de rigeur electro-cowbell. Almost works in a verse-chorus-verse structure except for the noticeable lack of vocals.

Note to Claire Collins: this video does include parallel parking.



Bob Sinclar – Gym Tonic
Fantastic tune from another French House player. Sinclar stole the greatest sample ever, hooking some vocals from a Jane Fonda workout album. Funky as hell, and after a few virtual spins I guarantee you’ll be walking around counting out loud. “2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and back…”

Sinclar was forced to delete this from his catalog thanks to Ted “TNT” Turner, whose explosive temper and fat wallet intimidated the penniless Frenchman into acquiescence. However, the version I have uploaded has the original “vocals” as does the video below. Enjoy.



Daft Punk – Around the World
While not my favorite track by the helmeted duo, it was the first track I heard by them. Another “gets stuck in your head” sort of track that is greatly aided by Michel Gondry’s (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Be Kind Rewind). Featuring the appearance of another trademark French House staple, the vocoder.

This is off their monsterously awesome debut album Homework. If you are going to buy only one French House album, make it this one. Understandably, most people will only need one French House album, if any at all. Again, make it this one.

Embedding for the kickass video has been disabled by EMI. For more information on EMI, consult the Sex Pistols.



DJ Mehdi – Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Mix)
French electro producer DJ Mehdi gets all Housed up by Thomas Bangalter, one-half of Daft Punk. This track is all kinds of fun. The synth lines get stuttered, dragged around, shuffled and ground to a halt. A prime example of the French filter fuckery that is Bangalter’s trademark.

Note: while I enjoy these noises and distortions, I realize that many of you will not. My partial apologies for that. However, give it a shot and perhaps you’ll see things my way and presumably seek help immediately.



Justice – Phantom Pt. II (Soulwax Remix)
The new face of French House, although the face is French, the house is not really house. More of a high-energy electro-pomp combining everything bombastic about soundtrack music and thumping 808 beats into an arena-filling monster. Belgian producers Soulwax up the ante with one of the greatest remixes done anywhere at anytime. Brace yourself for the sudden drop about 2/3’s of the way through the track. This track has killed more dancefloors and turned on more houselights than anything since Black Strobe’s Fireflies.

All tracks in one zip file (link opens in new window):
Heavy Rotation Vol. 11


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CTRL-Z to Undelete, Right Click to Save

May 1, 2009
Why Ted married Jane.

Why Ted married Jane.

Bob Sinclar – Gym Tonic.mp3

French House producer (is there any other kind?) Bob Sinclar released this single, featuring a lengthy sample of a Ms. Jane Fonda workout album.

Stand with your feet together, buttocks tight, stomach pulled in, arms straight out to the side, shoulder height. Now flex your hands upward, press the heels of your hands out to the opposite walls, and circle forward. 2..3..4..5..6..7..8..and back.

It drew the attention of the litigious Ted Turner & Moustache, Inc., who apparently claimed Jane Fonda as “intellectual property.” (We can laugh at this later.) No one knows exactly what was objectionable about the sample.

Perhaps Sinclar’s label was unable to cough up ivory backscratcher-type money to secure the rights. Perhaps Mr. Turner wished to keep his wife’s sordid past as a fitness instructor under wraps.

While Ms. Fonda certainly has committed her share of crimes against humanity (popularizing legwarmers, marrying Ted Turner, deluding movie stars into believing they have valid opinions), perhaps none is so egregious as Barbarella, a French nudie pic wrapped in a French art house overcoat.

This, of course, adds to Ms. Fonda’s rap sheet the charge of aiding and abetting Duran Duran, whose members spent most of the 80’s behaving as if they were main characters in a Bret Easton Ellis novel.

Nixon instantly loses the war on drugs.

Nixon instantly loses the war on drugs.

Spiritualized – Ladies & Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space.mp3

Jason Pierce (a.k.a. J. Spaceman; amnesiac Jason Bourne) has made some bad decisions as well (naming his child “Poppy,” continuing his feud with Sonic Boom well past the point that anyone cares), but none was more bold and potentially damaging to his heroin slush fund than his head-to-head run-in with the Estate of Elvis Presley.

All told, Ladies & Gentlemen… is a glorious ode to unrequited love/heroin. J then takes a sad song and makes it better (choke on that, Apple Records!) by dropping huge, unaltered chunks of lyrics and melody line from Elvis’s Can’t Help Falling in Love. About a million times removed from, and a million times better, than UB40’s inescapable faux-reggae rendition.