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Heavy Rotation 60

January 30, 2011

Featuring 65 Days of Static, Ringo Deathstarr, Simply Saucer, Titus Andronicus and Groove Armada. Beats, noise and a bit of swamp rock. If you’d like a track removed, please contact me at


Death wears a Snuggie.

At some point in the Twilight series they must have fired the editor. Reasoning with Vampires breaks down Stephanie Meyer’s written tics. (And they are legion.)

A duck’s quack does echo. Men do not think of sex every seven seconds. Alcohol does not sex kill brain cells. Wikipedia’s List of Common Misconceptions.

65 Days of Static – Radio Protector.mp3

For something that only runs a little over 2-1/2 minutes it sure sounds epic. From the spare piano in the beginning to the full-on martial beat that carries it to the chiming coda, 65 DaysRadio Protector has all the key ingredients of a final scene soundtrack.

You know the kind: beloved character dies but not before changing lives/beloved character is still miraculously alive and will continue to change lives. The type of track that bleeds into the credits, leaving the audience with a song in their heart and tears in their eyes.

Groove Armada – Look Me in the Eye, Sister.mp3

Groove Armada wants to beat your uncaring, undeserving ass. Hey, you asked for it. If you back something into a corner and put yourself between it and the only exit, it can’t be responsible for what happens.

This song is a righteously pissed vendetta-on-electro-rock-wheels and singer Jess Larabee sounds like she could run you over without hesitation or a second glance in the rearview mirror.

Ringo Deathstarr – Some Kind of Sad.mp3

From one of the best band names in the business (see also: Kathleen Turner Overdrive) comes this speedily cruising deathmobile of a track. The pacing is relentless, the vocals appropriately moody and the hints of feedback are a nicely piercing counterpoint to the brutally effective rhythm section.

It’s the kind of song you want pouring out of the speakers as you haul ass across town to deal with your destiny. Or the devil. Or possibly both at once. Mood music for doomed lovers and impossibly angular budding nihilists.

Simply Saucer – Dance the Mutation.mp3

Simply Saucer sound exactly like as if the Rolling Stones, slowly recovering from a mid-1970s night of debauchery, wandered into the wrong studio and were forced to crank out Cramps tunes.

Titus Andronicus – A More Perfect Union.mp3

Titus Andronicus take the road less traveled on their latest (The Monitor), delivering a concept album dealing with the Civil War, which may seem anachronistic but the universal themes of war and death still resonate, what with war and death being somewhat of a constant in the world.

This track finds doomed youth searching for a “new New Jersey,” even going so far as to paraphrase the Boss (“Tramps like us/Baby, we were born to die“) in the lyrics and paraphrase Dinosaur Jr’s guitar licks elsewhere in the track (specifically Feel the Pain).

While we may not be trapped currently in a brother-vs-brother conflict on the homefront, we seem to be able to place ourselves in the middle of everyone else’s, putting our young men and women at the business end of a gun all too frequently. The fatalism is also universal:

If I come in on a donkey/Let me go out on a gurney.”