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This Month in Cosmo

December 18, 2009

Never trust sex advice from a magazine that puts the word "Va-jay-jay" on the cover.

3 Relationship Tests Guaranteed to Start a Fight! 

10 Romantic Gestures No Man Will Ever Make! 

Your Partner’s Sexual Past? How Much Should You Know? (Guaranteed to Start a Fight!)

5 Things We Like About Men and 100 Things We Hate 

96 Pages of Advertising (48%)! 

How to Cover Up the Hideous Flaws of Your Body 

Rebuilding the Glass Ceiling for Fun and Profit! 

Eating Right: 10 Easy Recipes Using Ingredients You’ll Never Have Just Laying Around the House

True Romance: A Beautiful Love Story Guaranteed to Highlight the Inadequacies of Your Man (and Start a Fight!) 

Fall Fashion Pullout: Featuring Clothes You Can’t Afford and Will Never Fit Into 

25 “Tried and True” Sex Secrets That Will Drive Your Man Wild! (See Pages 84-88 to Find Out Why We Used Quotation Marks!) 



The Wild World of WordPress

June 16, 2009

Thanks to the miracle that is the WordPress Random Link Generator, some underattended blogs can finally receive their day in the proverbial sun. Let’s take a walk on the blog side, shall we, and discover some of the hidden gems that make up… the Wild World of WordPress!

First up: Bigguyxxl’s Weblog


Whatever happened to bigguyxxl? His blog showed lots of potential, what with the witty tagline and opening salvo:

Wow – I am almost cutting edge – I have a blog – so 2000 isn’t it. Now to find out what to do with it …….

Not very many clues here. Let’s check the About page:

This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

Still nothing. Let’s check the Drafts:

I just entered a deathrace. So 2000, isn’t it. I’m excited and a little nervous as I have never raced or died before (at least not professionally). Follow me on Twitter (@bigguyxxlrip) for my first and last twit (is that how you say that?). Peace.

I just finished upgrading Windows. It’s so 2000. Needless to say, it sucks. But the price was right and I shouldn’t need an upgrade until the year 3000.

I’ve just sent another killer cyborg back in time. It’s T-2000. I’m hoping that this will finally destroy the threat posed by Edward Furlong and his sub-Keanu acting ability. There is a slight chance that this will cause a split timeline at the point of insertion. Oh, the duality! If all else fails we can drop back and reboot.

I just had to post to raise some awareness about the latest outrage. Have you heard about this outrage? I’m outraged. I can understand how some people might take the other side of this issue. That’s duality for you. I once felt the same way but a personal experience raised my awareness.

This is an example of a WordPress personal experience. You can edit this to reflect an experience that affected you personally. Some adjectives you may consider using are: life-changing, transforming, traumatizing, neutering, mind-altering, years of intense therapy, bling-y.

WordPress can help you manage your personal experiences by creating subpages and archives. Be sure to tag your personal experiences for cross-referencing and searchability. Some popular tags include: tripping balls with Neil Patrick Harris, bound and gagged, bitter legal dispute, class-action lawsuit, pointless anecdote, windy diatribe, dear penthouse. – we can remember it for you wholesale.

Godspeed, bigguyxxl. You have taught us all that with a little perseverance and free time, anyone can create and abandon a blog.

Our second featured blog: Phil Alper: 4U2C


The outgrowth of one man’s plan to climb to the upper echelon of men’s fashion through a series of informative posts letting readers know what is on sale, when it is on sale, when it is no longer on sale and other useful info. Except, of course, where the store is located or what hours it is open.

In some sort of web 2.0 magic, a simple WordPress theme has been turned into a reasonable facsimile of the finest in Geocities/Angelfire website design. Phil also fits in time to answer some tough menswear-related questions like this one:


Great work, Phil! You handled that softball beautifully. But so many questions remain unanswered, like these:

  • My stepbrother and I are looking to rent tuxedos for job interviews and whatnot. Does Bacarach offer this service, presumably with a wide selection and competitive pricing?
  • I’m entering a deathrace and I need to look sharp. I need something that will stand out, whether in the winner’s circle or in a well-appointed coffin. I am a large gentleman with a split-personality. Is Bacharach equipped to handle the sartorial needs of the big-and-tall blogger/driver?
  • I realize I have many choices in long-distance carriers. Can you tell me why, in this day and age, I would even consider paying for long-distance?
  • I’m looking to be promoted at my job (I work in Men’s Fashion). Do you have any ideas on which sort of suck-up questions I should be asking my supervisor, to better highlight the fount of knowledge and skill he has assembled in his first few (incredible!) months as best manager ever? (Phil. It’s me, John. Love your tie!)

Keep on blogging, Phil. The world needs a firm but informative hand to guide it through the icy seas of Men’s Fashion.

(A personal note: My good friend and fellow blogger, RF Interference, has often wondered exactly what a Chromeo fans looks like. I think this shot is as good as any.)

Phil Alper: 4U2C - clotheshorse and Chromeo fan

Phil Alper: 4U2C - clotheshorse and Chromeo fan