Sonic Collision 9

July 25, 2011

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted under this heading, but I’ll be goddamned if I’m the only one who can’t get these particular mashups out of his (or her, as the case may be) head. My unofficial apologies for the sporadic posting schedule, one that only becomes more sporadic as time goes on and would most likely be unnoticed if I didn’t draw attention to it with every introductory paragraph. Onwards we go, to the better times and music that lies below this awkward paragraph that now hangs here like something awkward (possibly a gawky and eternally forlorn teen) hanging over a particularly fun party (with great music), killing the mood with his (or her, quite possibly) eternal forlorness and awkwardly decorative noose.

Now that you have this wholly inappropriate word image in your head, please try to enjoy the rest of the post.

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Fissunix – End of the Walrus (Daft Punk vs. the Beatles).mp3

This track heads up the Collision solely because I still find myself wandering around doing a non-hippie approximation of John Lennon, much to the consternation of the pets, children and my wife. Why, in the name of all that is considered holy by various demographic groups, would a grown man sing “I am the walrus,” especially in a voice that was made for writing?

Because dear friends, the simple (but not all that simple, really) addition of Daft Punk’s bottom end and assorted electronic noises. And let’s not forget the various inserted samples from the movie Tron. Those help a bit. But mainly it’s just Fissunix’s mastery of his media, turning an old “standard” into the finest electro-rock.

Fissunix on the World Wide Web

Krazy Ben – Fake Disco Flex (Fake Blood vs. Arabesque vs. Dizzee Rascal).mp3

Aw, Ben so Krazy. So c(k)razy that I’m sure he’s sick of internet writers opening paragraphs with any variation of those worn out words. My apologies in arrears for not leading into this paragraph more forcefully. This mashup deserves more than that.

As you can clearly see (and imagine) from the “cover art,” this is a hi-energy track (as is evidenced by the missing silent letters), which pops and bumps like the warped vinyl of a dancefloor classic that has been exposed to the heat once too often. The vocal stylings of Dizzee Rascal rub up against Fake Blood’s nu-house and the occasional string squiggles of Arabesque to devastating effect.

Krazy Ben’s tumblrrrr!



  1. I like the Beatles mashup for sure and caught the Tron sample. And if you’re wondering why a grown man would say ‘I am the Walrus,’ it’s because he was John Fucking Lennon, that’s why.

    • Looks like we are pulling all-nighters again. 🙂

    • Well, that explains why John Lennon did it, but it doesn’t explain why I’m doing it. I blame society. And Fissunix. And Paul McCartney, the only surviving Beatle according to Paul McCartney.

  2. After spending the last half hour listening to Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers (my soul was stirred), this post comes in. It’s quite the transition from Nearer My God to Thee (especially the last two minutes when I start to believe Cooke is God). It occurred to me that Cooke’s brand of gospel starts to feel all druggy when you really get into it and I would assume Lennon started to feel all loopy (Walrusy?) while under the influence and enmeshed in his music. These are my favorite posts.

    • Not all gospel is religion but most religions are somewhat druggy. I think these posts may be your favorite because the transition from anything to anything else is usually a little jarring. Smooth transitions are nice but a harsh transition gives me a timeslip feel, like something underlying the whole failed to mesh for a moment and if that can fuck up, then who gives a shit how often I fuck up? (In the whole scheme of things…)

  3. My daughter just snagged a press pass for Hardfest (electronic music festival) and will be interviewing Chromeo. Suggestions on what she might ask?

    • Ask where she might acquire a fine pair of keyboard legs.

      I’m not sure what else to ask them, as I don’t really follow their activities too much. They’ve got an unusual Arabic/Jewish partnership, but they may have answered too many questions along those lines already.

      I’d hate to recommend the usual journo questions like “influences” or “what are you listening to now” and etc. Dave 1 teaches French Lit, so maybe something along those lines. Or maybe take it another direction and ask non-music-related questions like “If you knew you were going to die, who would you tell first?” “Follow up: if you knew someone else was going to die, would you tell them first?” “Follow up: can one have too much life insurance?”

      Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe the key would be to head somewhere else. They’ve been all over. Strange foods eaten. Weird traditions they’ve observed/participated in. Things like that. (On weird traditions: I knew a rave promoter that had to become a sworn member of the Elks to rent their venue. Not exactly becoming a Mason, but there had to a bit of a story there.) So, my suggestion would be to explore their globe-trotting experience.

  4. These Sonic Collision posts are the most enjoyable music posts on your blog! Though I have my Beatles favorites ( e.g.”While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and everything on the “Abbey Road” LP except “Octopus’ Garden”), “I am the Walrus” is not one of them. But this “End of the Walrus” is wonderful! Love the nightclub dance rhythm. And the bit of Chopin’s “Revolutionary” at the beginning (my favorite of all Chopin’s pieces) makes it even more enjoyable!

    • Scott –

      I’m glad you enjoyed this particular outing. I’ve had that track rolling in and out of my head for damn near two months now and it’s good to see other people found it as infectious as I did.

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