Heavy Rotation 76

July 13, 2011

[What? This old thing? Actually, a bit better than that. This week’s combatants for your hearing affection are Curve, WALSH and Insect Guide. Perfect mood music for whatever it is you’re doing today, including reading this here blog thing. Need a track removed? Just ask: 2timegrime@gmail.com.]

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Curve – I Feel Love.mp3

I have an inordinate amount of affection for Donna Summer’s I Feel Love. If I’m at all honest with myself (and by extension, you), I probably have no fewer than 20-25 versions of this track floating around my hard drive like so many pulsating disco divas. Giorgio Moroder laid down the ultimate in basslines on the original and the twin powers of Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia emulate this immaculately, trading in their normal percussive wash of wah and distortion for a bottom end that just won’t quit (or words to that effect). Welcome to alt.disco.

Insect Guide – Insider.mp3

This track is the sort of wintry mix that cozies up next to you on the couch in front of a roaring fire, casually draping an arm across your shoulder before leaning in to whisper threats in your ear. Insect Guide’s whole album runs this way, seducing with instrumental haze while roughing you up a bit lyrically, like a street thug in a velvet smoking jacket.

Walsh – Sweet Draemz.mp3

As the highlight (there’s a joke in there but I’m too lazy to throw quotation marks around it) WALSH’s Smoke Weed About It EP, Sweet Draemz delivers the fogged-up goods. Plays like a narcotized Hawaiian vacation dream. You know, the kind where you can only move about 3 feet per hour and everyone’s mouths are moving but no words are coming out. Like that, except that the perverse weirdness of the dream is replaced with the preternatural calmness that only comes from being chemically altered. Sunshine that shimmers and water that peaks in near-motionless waves. To sum up with more clarity, it sounds like a possible b-side for Brian Eno’s atmospheric “diving-into-a-toilet-bowl-in-search-of-a-lost-suppository” track, Deep Blue Day.



  1. Link for Walsh – Sweet Draemz fixed. Thanks for the heads-up, MEK.

  2. Great stuff, CLT!

    And thanks for the welcome to alt.disco. I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy my stay.

    • Alt.disco is where all the cool kids are. Or were. I had them kicked out so that people I actually enjoy hanging out with could be there. See you in hell, jaded hipsters!

  3. From someone who remembers the late 70’s and early 80’s, I am digging Curve. Nice.

    Also, your June 19th post was titled Heavy Rotation 75 and so is this one…are you fucking with us? Just curious.

    • While I am thrilled you found something you liked, I’m less than thrilled that I can’t keep my numbering system straight, seeing as it does nothing more complicated than increase in increments of one.

      Noted and fixed.

  4. I feel love for Curve’s take on Donna Summer’s “I feel love”!

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