CLT: The Interview

July 8, 2011

Yours truly, in stereophonic (via cellphone) sound…


(Starting about 23:00 in and running to about 49:00, at which point the conversation suddenly ends, but keep listening. The hosts do some nice riffing as to whose fault this actually is…)

Handy background material:


Pro tip: Bash recording industry, get interview.



  1. Yo, you were in the house. No f-bombs? You sounded bright and completely reasonable. So much for you street cred.

    Is Morning Joe next? Way to go Tim.

    • I was in the house, via a long distance phone call. (Whatever that means in the cellphone era. In other words, “a phone call.”)

      I have no street cred, and as was pointed out, not even a Twitter to call my own.

      We’ll see where this goes from here, but if nothing else, I have a return visit next week to pick up where the dropped call left off.

  2. That Robert X Jones fellow stole my comment. And my ex.

    Really great job, Tim!

    • Thanks, Alan. I’ll keep RXJ after class to discuss his kleptomania of all things X. (And ex.)

  3. I am done with your ex Alan…thanks.

    • Your ex now swings both ways Alan (she’s with me..hehe). Nice interview Tim.

      P.S. You work TWO jobs AND maintain this blog (not to mention Techdirt, freelance…)? Damn.

    • Alan –

      I have done nothing with your ex other than tie her into a completely fabricated relationship with you.


      Elizabeth –

      I’m really not sure how well this blog is being “maintained.” It’ll keep going until I shut it down no matter how little or how sporadically I post. But either way, thanks for the compliments.

    • Thanks Bob,

      That’s mildly distressing news, but as long as my ex stays away from Elizabeth, I guess I have no choice but to be okay with this. Anyway, I see there are other comments below and I look forward to reading them… Have a nice day, you bastard…

      Elizabeth… Why am I always the last to find these things out? Well this is truly unnerving, but, I guess I can live with this news, you know, as long as I don’t find out any other distressing revelations regarding her, bunny rabbits, and/or suggestion that I “do the fuck yourself” for 7 minutes to a bad remix by a spooky DJ. Anyway, you’ll be hearing from my lawyers, and I’ve got more reading to do…

      Et tu, Tim?

    • Et me? I have done nothing to anyone’s x’s/ex’s (or with, for that matter). I am but a simple blogger with pretensions toward greatness and a voice that sounds completely weird in the third person.

      And don’t worry about your ex and her attendant lawyers. She’s in a better place now. (Elizabeth’s fuckpad.)

  4. Haha Alan…I’m ‘doing’ your lawyers too! All I can say is “bring it on.”

    • You’re doing Dickey, Wood, & Cox? Wow, I never saw that one coming…

  5. Loved this!!!

    Now I can say I knew you when…

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