Heavy Rotation 73: The CLT Self-Promo Edition

May 30, 2011

Elizabeth asked for some links so that she can keep track of where else I’ve been writing. I’m going to do a complete link dump of everything I have published elsewhere. I’ll also be adding a few tracks for some background music.

Going forward, I’m going to trim back the Heavy Rotation to three tracks per week (theoretically). Not that I don’t have a huge backlog of awesome music to share, but that 20-30 minutes is a lot of time to ask anyone to invest in a single post. Speaking for myself, I know I’d have trouble sitting on one single page of the internet that long, so I’m not going to be asking (or demanding, via blogguilt) anyone else to do it.

You may have noticed there are four tracks in this Rotation, which would seem to indicate the exact opposite of what I just said. Let me explain: one of those is a mashup, and so it actually is part of a Sonic Collision and not part of this Heavy Rotation. (Although it will go headerless for maximum confusion). Enjoy.

THE LI N K D  U  M    P


Capitalist Lion Tamer (that’s me!) Profile Link.
(Use this link to see everything I’ve written for Techdirt, including comments. Handy!)

If you’re short on time, here’s some of my favorites:

The Bygone Bureau

The Big Jewel

Defenestration Magazine

Enough about me. On to the music.

Mirrors – Ways to an End.mp3

This track by Mirrors is like getting hit in the ears with a Louisville slugger made out of nostalgia (and some ash — for weight). This is the crystalline pure pop bliss of OMD and the Pet Shop Boys. If you close your eyes, you can see impossibly/impeccably dressed people (often with shoulder pads and sleeves incomprehensibly hiked up) doing impossibly/impeccably cool things (often involving chrome and neon) with this as background music. If you close your eyes for long enough, you’ll feel like John Hughes presiding over a cast of next-big-things, most of whom will flameout spectacularly. (Including John Hughes.) Don’t close them for too long, though, otherwise people might actually think you’re John Hughes and start divvying up your estate. Hat tip to MEK for shooting this my way.

Von Haze – Outsyd Tha Nite (White Car Remix) (Salem Re-edit).mp3

Usually too many cooks are bad news, what with their constant fucking around, spoiling the broth and angling for book deals. But in this case, Von Haze gets re-rubbed by not one, but two, remixers, resulting in this wall-of-despondent-sound that edges close enough to triumphant to not get completely distraught and head off into the woods to do damaging things to itself. The vocals get pitched down to the sub-bass level of rolling Gothic thunder and skittering drum patterns slide across the murky tones without ever finding a foothold.

Tyskerhar – Oh.mp3

I’m not going to say much about this one, other than once Tyskerhar’s track gets into your head, it’s not coming out. Not for awhile. And then you’ll be stuck singing the chorus, over and over again, most of which is composed of the one-word track title. There’s a word for this: nefarious.  So, what can you do? Do what I did. Force it into the brains of others, sit back and watch the contagious collateral damage. It’s like a yawn, only catchier.


DJ Topcat – The Safety Booty (Men Without Hats vs. Bubba Sparxx).mp3

Topcat gives up something that couldn’t be more appropriate (and inappropriate, in terms of subject matter) if it tried: a bootie about booty. Asstacular!

DJ Topcat



  1. Von Haze’s “Outsyd tha Nite is my favorite, by far–I like the minimalist, yet psychedelic sound. (The girl’s really hot too–damn, I’ve got a one-track mind!)

    • I’m a huge fan of that track, seeing as it’s been rattling around my headphones for a few months now. And those nu-Goth witch-housing women have a certain dark allure to them. They kind of give off the vibe that if you spent a night with them, it would be a night that wouldn’t forget any time soon. Or even wish to duplicate.

  2. Congrats on all of the publishing! I always knowed you should be a writer.

    • Thanks, SV! Theoretically, this is making someone very proud. (Probably me.)

  3. Asstacularly nefarious, indeed!

    Oh, and the music is kickass, too. I could listen to Mirrors all day. When I’m not listening to DJ Topcat, that is. (Fuck, I love that song.)

    ps. In case you can’t make it to my blog (you know, because of all the traffic that isn’t there), I wanted to let you know that you’ve officially been cyberbullied.

    • There’s nothing like dancing (safely) about ass to get your day moving in rather unproductive direction.

      And, thanks for the cyberbullying! Not only is the picture rather asstacular in its own right, but being cyber-rolled for my lunch money finally makes me feel alive.

  4. Thanks for the links, I’d missed two of those and that was an unpardonable offence. You’re going places my friend; all over the stupid internet!

    I’m with B; I dig the Topcat and Mirrors. Which, by the way, would make a kickass band name in its own right.

    • Topcat & Mirrors – now appearing at The Sands. It’s a great name that hints that the duo have some sort of gimmick. Or tuxedos.

      And Scott, do a linkdump of your own and I’m sure you’ll find that Bschooled’s puts both of ours to shame.

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