Heavy Rotation 72

May 1, 2011

The 72nd edition of the Heavy Rotation brings you a plethora of musical goods, all as uniquely different as they are similarly excellent. Featuring the warm/icy/inviting/threatening tones of Led Er Est, Course of Empire (with help from Darwin), Lil Wayne (feat. Trina & refixed by 8Bitch), Automelodi and Stalker. Rather heavy on the synth side, but if you’ve been visiting here for awhile, I would imagine you’re kind of used to that. If you’d like a track removed, email me at 2timegrime@gmail.com.


In its heyday, the X-Files had plenty of obsessives. Years down the road and the obsessives are still there. They’ve moved on from conspiracy theories to more important things, like Mulder’s various timepieces. Or Scully’s various suits, some less unfortunate than others.

If you’re a reader (or writer) for any website whose comment threads are routinely infested with trolls, don’t worry. Misery has got you covered. From the mission statement:

Misery is a module designed to make life difficult for certain users. It can be used:

  • As an alternative to banning or deleting users from a community.
  • As a means by which to punish members of your website.
  • To delight in the suffering of others.


Possibly of interest mainly to MEK and myself: Dave Allen’s (Gang of Four, Shriekback) blog. His best writing is found here.

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Trina (feat. Lil Wayne) – Don’t Trip (8Bitch Remix).mp3

Blog favorite Lil Wayne expresses his thoughts on the courtship ritual, specifically pointing out that men are visually stimulated (just give him lil’ thigh mama give him lil’ hip) and women are fiscally stimulated (break her off a few dollars take her on a few trips). He also expresses first an appreciation for the attractiveness of the women within eyeshot of his former digs (when I’m in Dade County/I see some thick bitches) but follows it up with his disappointment in the fact that they are not interested in being hustled (I try to holla’ at ’em but they all trick bitches).

8Bitch tags along, littering the background with large quantities of bass and jittery electronic noises.

Course of Empire – Infested (Darwin Goodman Mix).mp3

On its own, Infested is decent, if not spectacular, angsty hard rock, full of shouty statements about the world being in a generally shite state and The Man constantly sticking it to everybody. But… in the hands of Darwin Goodman, it’s the ultimate apocalypse party track. Sure, the angry yelling is still there, but rather than having this point hammered home by constant hammering, it’s beaten into place with sampled Gene Krupa beats and big band horns, which play nicely with the occasional compressed riffing and guitar strafing runs.

Additional fun fact: you can hear one of Course of Empire’s two drummers letting out a pre-puke moan moments before the end of the track. Read this for the whole story.

Automelodi – Rose A.D.mp3

Montreal’s Automelodi (who are essentially one-man band Xavier Paradis, despite what you see in the photo above) makes some very wonderful synth noises, the likes of which have not been heard since the heyday of Human League, OMD and the like. Add to this some French vocals and an affinity for Italo-disco, and you’re pretty much pressing a lot of my buttons effortlessly.

This goes to the past so often it often sounds like the future did back then: hovercars, neon everywhere and lots and lots of cocaine served up on chrome and leather.

Led Er Est – Laredo.mp3

Speaking of the Human League, Brooklyn’s Led Er Est have cobbled together the perfect analog with Laredo. But it does them one better by dragging a pointy guitar into the mix, giving it a bit of the ol’ punk grime. It runs on all cylinders from 0:01, which features an old school analog wobble that John Carpenter/Zombie Zombie would be proud to hang their hat on. Various tones brighten up the corners briefly before the guitar tears through the wall of sound, accompanied by some Ramones-esque shouting. Slightly under 3 minutes long and not a single second wasted. Brilliant.

Stalker – Heaven’s Gate.mp3

Mysterious dubstepper Stalker cranks out this particular piece of menace, taken from a very unlikely bit of source material.* Eerie loops double back on themselves, malforming into some sort of ritualistic prayer. It all goes completely to hell around the middle before resuming its take on “coherence” for the remainder of the running time. Definitely not fun for the whole family. Just the ones who sequester themselves in their room, surrounding themselves with an audible womb made of foreboding noises.

*Because the source material is “unexpected,” to understate things completely, I’ll reveal the ugly truth behind this track in a few days, via the comment thread. Until then, there’s nothing I can do to keep you from Googling at this until the answer reveals itself, but at the risk of sounding like the formerly talented M. Night Shamalyan, please keep your answers to yourself. I’m only saying this because I just recently found out what Heaven’s Gate is actually made of, and it was full of both WIN and FAIL.



  1. ALL HAIL… Oh, yeah. I’ve already done that. And to death, I might add. Thanks for the head’s up. Saw these lads a few months ago. They were good and, as always, loud. Great songs abound here as usual. P.S. M. Night Shamalyan once had talent? Why wasn’t I informed… 😛

    • Welcome back, Alan! It seems like you were just here. And nearly unrecognizable.

      I would imagine they’d be both good and loud, just the way we like our stridently angular post-punk. Here’s another link for you (one of my favorite things Dave Allen has ever written):


      P.S. I’m assuming he did. People keep saying how his first couple of movies were “pretty good” and that Bruce Willis is dead. People like Mr. Oizo:

  2. HA! I love how you translate L’il Waynisms, CLT. Whenever the thick bitches try to explain his lyrics to me, I never get it.

    Love Automelodi!

    • Haha! So that’s what “thick” actually means. I’ll notify rap genius. I always assumed it had something to do with their attractiveness and not their inability to express themselves clearly. You know, because they’re “thick.”

      Thanks for the visit, bschooled.

  3. What an eclectic post! I’m amused at the blogs devoted entirely to “Mulder”s wristwatch and “Scully”s wardrobe (I’ve always been especially hot for Gillian Anderson–I hear this is typical of nerds). And the Human League, and OMD–God, I miss the 80’s! I have “Mirror Man” on a ’45, and I’m quite familiar with “If You Leave”. There are so many tracks featured, I can’t listen to them all, so I pick the ones that seem most intriguing. This time I picked Stalker’s “Heaven’s Gate”–I can’t make out the lyrics, but the music is quite beautiful! I wonder though–is it about the Heaven’s Gate Cult?

    • Welcome again, Scott.

      If the rise of Tumblr is indicative of anything, it’s that anyone can obsess over anything and look good doing it.

      Good question about “Heaven’s Gate.” The name may be a reference to the cult, but the track itself holds a much more interesting secret. [See below.]

  4. Stalker – Heaven’s Gate

    This track is (for the most part) Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” reversed and pitch-shifted. Much like Bieber slowed down 800%, the resulting piece is way, way more than the sum of its pop/cheese parts.

    For reference:


  5. Anyone contemplating suicide should tune in to your Heavy Rotation and Sonic Collision series, Capitalist. Dat shit is therapy!!

    There wasn’t a loser in this mix. I like to think that I would have put 2-and-2 together (sorta) on the last pick, but got antsy and scrolled down to peek. Damn!

    • That should be our new tagline: “Don’t kill yourself! Listen to music!” The only thing comparable is getting a pet and this is way less demanding/covered in hair.

      Truth be told, I would have scrolled down as well. I’d been listening to this track for a few months before I came across its origins, so I think it holds up on its own merits. But the pedigree is the overdramatic icing on the popcake.

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