Sonic Collision 6

April 29, 2011

My apologies for the lack of non-music-related posts this past week (or in general). My excuses are:

  • I’m sick.
  • I’m tired.
  • I’m writing at other places.
  • I’m ____________________. (Commenters’ choice.)

Thanks for bearing with me while I dust off the old brain and set it to “Stun – with inappropriate humor”. In the meantime, enjoy the tunes.

Previous wreckage here:
The Sonic Collision Archives

Go Home Productions – Ray of Gob (Madonna vs. the Sex Pistols).mp3

Go Home Productions – Paperback Believer (the Beatles vs. the Monkees).mp3

First off, here’s a pair of tracks from Go Home Productions, who hs been mashing up tracks since nearly before it was cool. These are both taken from GHP’s greatest “hits” compilation, This Was Pop 2002-2007. Head on over to GHP’s Download page for the full album, along with an assload of other fine bootleg mixes. Or just click on the big link below for the direct download (right-click and “Save Link as…”)

Go Home Productions – This Was Pop 2002-2007

BRAT – Follow Me Down to the Killing Moon (UNKLE vs. Echo & the Bunnymen).mp3

When not running Depeche Mode’s website, BRAT finds time to kick out amazing music combinations. Consider the above: if you’re familiar at all with the Bunnymen’s source material, you’ll know that they wrote about as pristine an alt-pop tune as has ever been written. This is better.

More BRAT mashups.

LeeDM101 – Chain Assault (Depeche Mode vs. Massive Attack vs. John Carpenter).mp3

Speaking of Depeche Mode, here they are again, riding the dub-n-electro thrust of both Massive Attack and John Carpenter’s soundtrack classic, Assault on Precinct 13. Oddly enough, Depeche Mode has never sounded this good.

LeeDM101’s Mashup + Remix blog.

LeedDM101’s Soundcloud page, loaded with downloads.



  1. That’s really cool–though the only one with which I am familiar with both songs is “Paperback Believer”! Pitiful, huh?

    • There’s nothing pitiful about knowing only a little of the source material, as long as you still liked them.

      There’s mashups I hear that I’m not familiar with and, once I’ve tracked down the sources, find that I enjoy the bastardized version more than the originals.

      Thanks for the visit and comment, Scott.

  2. Your Sonic Collision series is the shoe equivalent of Manolo Blahniks, CLT. I may wobble around in some of the songs, but each one is a work of art and a beauty to behold. As always, a heartfelt thank you.

    • Elizabeth, your comparison of this series to a fine pair of shoes that I’m not familiar with but assume is out of my price range is high praise indeed. I’m glad your digging this series. I’m having as much fun hunting these down as you’re having listening to them.

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