Heavy Rotation 71

April 24, 2011

The 71st edition of the Heavy Rotation is an unfocused as ever, swerving chaotically from chaos (Arab on Radar) to icy (Gatekeeper) to jangly (Robyn Hitchcock) to dark (Zola Jesus) to icy and spacey (Soft Moon). Small doses, evenly spaced, might be the best course of action. If you’d like a track removed, email me at 2timegrime@gmail.com.


Sweden: home of quality sex changes and the Pirate Party. The latter apparently isn’t enough. Now there’s a semi-official Pirate Religion (Kopimism). Someone familiar scratches the surface of their theology.

Speaking of “pirates,” the RIAA has finally produced a killer chart detailing file sharing’s destruction of their industry. It’s an incredibly stupid chart (sales would grow indefinitely? Albums purchased per capita?) and as such, is mocked relentlessly (“Napster Kills the Kerosene Industry“) by an author whose self-promotion we are tiring of swiftly.

Chess therapy. It’s an actual thing. Here’s an actual case study.

Oh, yeah. Clifton’s back. For now. I’ll try to have him kick out something every couple of weeks or so, but I’ve made promises like this before. Caveat emptor and all that.

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Gatekeeper – Chains.mp3

Here’s another track wot sounds like early Front Line Assembly! You know, from back in the day before they decided, “Hey, that Ministry sound that everyone’s ripping off? Why don’t we rip that off?”

Nope. This isn’t any of that tired bullshit. This is Gatekeeper in full on attack mode, blowing past their electro-altar dedicated to the holy trinity of atmospheric soundtracking (John Carpenter, Giorgio Moroder and Goblin) and straight towards the analog ghost of industrial past, summoning such long-gone (or past their prime) antagonists as Skinny Puppy, Front 242 and the above-mentioned FLA. Dark and convulsive stuff.

Zola Jesus – Night.mp3

Sauntering out of the darkened corners of the underground, Zola Jesus projects doom and gloom like the reanimated corpse of Siouxie Sioux, pitting her distinctive voice against the minor chord undertow.

(Yes, I know Siouxie Sioux is not dead and has, in fact, released albums recently. Stop pointing that out. That means you too, Steve Severin.)

Robyn Hitchcock – Primitive.mp3

Very few songwriters can coin a phrase like Robyn Hitchcock can. Even fewer can weave these phrases into bittersweet songs of devotion. And I don’t think anyone else could get away with inserting the phrase “Google me” into a song like this without sounding jokey or cloying.

But he makes it work. And that’s why his cult-like following is, well, so cult-like. He’s a wickedly incisive absurdist who writes a love song like no one else can. Or probably even should.

Arab on Radar – Number 3.mp3

Sounding more like Public Image Ltd. than PIL did past 1985 or so, Arab on Radar whips up a post-punk racket, utilizing little more than some strafing guitar runs and a concussive breakbeat that sounds about a step or two removed from the Chemical Brothers’ Setting Sun. (Or going way back — the Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows.)

There’s angry-sounding raving all over the place, probably attacking the status quo or some such. I can see this doing permanent damage to listeners, especially live and would probably open up a portal to hell if ever remixed properly and aimed at the club crowd.

Soft Moon – Into the Depths.mp3

Soft Moon mine the desolate heart of space rock, channeling the “sinking ship” desperation that lies somewhere between denial and acceptance as the heroes/victims ride out their final moments in a glorified tin can as their space station’s orbit steadily decays.



  1. You know I’m not a techno fan, but I took an instant liking to Gatekeeper. Your selection summed up (for me anyway) a Holy Trinity of Singaporian caning, background music to a John Malkovich ‘flee scene’ (facial contortions set to the music) and some Tarantino vibes.

    After hearing Primitive one can’t help but wonder how Dylan would have sounded had he been born 30 years later. He coulda’ gone that way.

    • Gatekeeper make some pretty good shit. It’s soundtrack-esque electro that rarely veers into pointless repetitiveness. I’m having trouble linking up which description links to which track, but I’m cool with the connotations despite my ignorance.

      You make a good point about Hitchcock. I’m sure he’s been described as Dylan-esque before, but usually when somebody says that they mean either the artist in question can’t sing for shit or is overly wordy. Hitchcock is neither, but he definitely can spin phrases into gold.

  2. All HAIL ME!!!

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    • This sounds suspiciously like Sedate Me off his meds. Where the hell is Sedate Me anyway?

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    • He’s right. He’s way too coherent to be SM, on or off meds.

    • Since I flat out refuse to hail (or curtsy to) the frickin’ Queen of England, I’ve opted to HAIL Sir James Thirlwell. After re-reading his comment I now realize he sounds suspiciously like Donald Trump.

      Trump/Thirlwell 2012!!


    No one on this fine blog is interested in stealing your music or giving it away or offering a testicle up for piercing/tattoos.

    This blog only gives away music free from vindictive and slightly insane overlords. The last we would want to do is keep you from recouping your royalties from such fine albums/singles as:

    Art Calamity
    Foetus Over Frisco
    You’ve Got Foetus on Your Breath
    Vice Squad Dick

    Nor would we knowingly point readers in the direction of other fine albums from your prolific career.

    Thanks for the visit and hilarious comment, mystery man of ALL CAPS. Until next time…

    • Help me out here…after satisfying myself that FOETUS is indeed NOT Sedate Me, I still can’t figure out which song (above) belongs to Sir Jim Thirwell. I will Hail or HAIL NOT once I have sampled the wares.

    • They all do. They’re all various albums and singles release under the name “Foetus.”

      Perhaps do a drive-by over to Wikipedia or Allmusic and see if you really want to pursue this course of action.



      And I know for a fact that he’s not Sedate Me, but I have prior knowledge, which isn’t entirely fair. However, I think Sedate Me would approve of these comments and most likely, Thirlwell’s musical oeuvre.

    • A lot of what’s being shouted about profanely in the above comments has to do with actions like this:


  4. Although (obvs) I’m not in the music business, I deal with that infringement letter on a DAILY basis (sometimes 2-3x/day depending on how much time I have). I’ve resorted to viewing my hunting of infringers as a ‘hobby’…and go on my hunt ‘expecting’ to find my work copied (keeps me SANE). I try and get my work taken down within 12 hours. I do have sympathy with anyone who has to deal with these letters. Takes a solid 15-45″ out of my day. Not sure this is the same thing though (I’m not in the music business, remember)? 🙂

    • It’s pretty much the same thing. IP protection. Since I’m not really familiar with what exactly you’re hunting down, I can only make that assumption. If you’re hunting down physically duplicated goods (counterfeits), that’s one thing. If it’s infinite goods (a copy of a copy of a copy), that’s something else.

      Generally speaking, DMCA takedowns deal with mp3s, picture and writings. The host providers usually comply pretty quickly, although some are better than others about informing those affected about what’s going on. I had a photo yanked from this blog via a DMCA notice. I was locked out from doing anything administrative to the blog for about 8-10 hours, before being returned to control and an email detailing what was removed and where sent to me.

      Other people aren’t so lucky. Often, their entire site is removed and, if things go horribly wrong, is never returned to them. That’s the worst case scenario. Unfortunately, this is not a rare occurrence. And explanations are usually never given to the user affected.

    • In my case it is photos and item descriptions of luxury goods I sell. I finally got fed the f**k up and called the attorney representing the web site where my work is regularly counterfeited. After speaking to him Jew-on-Jew he broke it down for me. I now get all my copied work taken down and even ‘blank’ listings where no work has been transferred yet taken down (I have their shtick nailed). I used to give the counterfeiters a heads-up that I was reporting them, but no more. The more savvy ones would pull their listings where my goal was to have their sorry asses’ banned. I’m off to scour the Internet now…

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