Sonic Collision 4

April 16, 2011

This week’s episode will head way, way back to 1994 for our first track courtesy of the Evolution Control Committee before heading in a completely different direction to a band that was never really considered part of the bootleg scene until the release of their brilliant mashed-up party album Artificially Sweetened, cranked out specifically for godawesome music/fashion blog, Мишка.

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The Evolution Control Committee – By the Time I Get to Arizona (Whipped Cream Mix).mp3

Public Enemy + Herb Alpert + cassette-quality = groundbreaking!


The Death Set – I-10 vs. Terrorist (Japanther vs. DJ Vadim).mp3

DJ Vadim’s original can’t compare to this re-throttling. Say goodbye to blunted beats and hello to charged up, two-man electro-punk via Japanther. Try to make sure this isn’t stuck in your head the next time the TSA’s giving you the eyeball/grope.

“I am the terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist

The Death Set – 52 Girls vs. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (B52’s vs. Ol’ Dirty Bastard).mp3

It’s like a hula hoop full of crack vials! (Scott knows what I’m talking about…)

And one more for the road…

The Death Set – Gut Feeling vs. It’s Just a Ride (Devo vs. Bill Hicks).mp3

Before hearing this, I would have openly mocked any remixer who tried to convince me that mashing Devo with Bill Hicks would ever be a good idea. But this… this works perfectly.

Pick up more info and the full mixtape here:
The Death Set – Artificially Sweetened

Absolutely free. 43 tracks. 45 minutes. Tons of mashups. A few originals. Some classic punk. Baltimore shout-outs.



  1. OMFG!! A mash-up with the theme song to the Dating Game?!!? I am passionate about 60s game shows and this song made me deliriously happy!!

    Closing with the Death Set, I had to wiki Bill Hicks. His poignant last written words released after his untimely death:

    “I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit.” My “last pee” written instructions pales in comparison.

    • So that’s what that song is. I knew it sounded incredibly familiar. Sweet. I’m glad you liked it, although I would imagine Chuck D might be ambivalent at best about his inadvertent involvement.

      Bill Hicks high-quality comedic rants have been plundered for samples before. I don’t have the link right in front of me, but a clip of his was used in (Adam) Freeland’s “We Want Your Soul.” That track pops up in an earlier Heavy Rotation or just hit Youtube.

  2. That Public Enemy mash was the shit! I went to a Public Enemy concert when I was 16 in Pittsburgh. I was one around 3 or 5 other white people in the Civic Arena. They put on one hell of a show. I haven’t been to a rap concert in 10 years but the ones I’ve seen between then didn’t compare.

    I loved the last one (with Devo and Hicks) for so many obvious reasons.

    • Oh yea, I forgot to tell you to pack the hula hoop with only the crack. Or preferably coke, then I can step on it a little more. This will cut down on your weight, since even minimum wage TSA agents might get suspicious of a 10 pound (22 kilos!) hula hoops and plus, and this is a big one, if you’re shit is already packaged you’ll catch another plethora of charges. Once you get it to me, I’ll package and gift wrap that shit like a penis in a gang bang.

      Or shouldn’t we be talking about this on the internet?

    • I never had the chance to see P.E. live and I doubt that will ever change. Besides being several hundred miles away from a good concert, my feeling is that seeing them now might be a little underwhelming.

      As for the second comment: sure, we can discuss this on the internet! After all, nobody reads this “blog things” other than powerless shut-ins and navel gazers, am I right?

      “Like a penis in a gang bang” is going into all my regular correspondence from now on. Especially my replies to the self-appointed “Family Reunion Committee.”

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