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Sonic Collision 4

April 16, 2011

This week’s episode will head way, way back to 1994 for our first track courtesy of the Evolution Control Committee before heading in a completely different direction to a band that was never really considered part of the bootleg scene until the release of their brilliant mashed-up party album Artificially Sweetened, cranked out specifically for godawesome music/fashion blog, Мишка.

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The Evolution Control Committee – By the Time I Get to Arizona (Whipped Cream Mix).mp3

Public Enemy + Herb Alpert + cassette-quality = groundbreaking!


The Death Set – I-10 vs. Terrorist (Japanther vs. DJ Vadim).mp3

DJ Vadim’s original can’t compare to this re-throttling. Say goodbye to blunted beats and hello to charged up, two-man electro-punk via Japanther. Try to make sure this isn’t stuck in your head the next time the TSA’s giving you the eyeball/grope.

“I am the terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist

The Death Set – 52 Girls vs. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (B52’s vs. Ol’ Dirty Bastard).mp3

It’s like a hula hoop full of crack vials! (Scott knows what I’m talking about…)

And one more for the road…

The Death Set – Gut Feeling vs. It’s Just a Ride (Devo vs. Bill Hicks).mp3

Before hearing this, I would have openly mocked any remixer who tried to convince me that mashing Devo with Bill Hicks would ever be a good idea. But this… this works perfectly.

Pick up more info and the full mixtape here:
The Death Set – Artificially Sweetened

Absolutely free. 43 tracks. 45 minutes. Tons of mashups. A few originals. Some classic punk. Baltimore shout-outs.