Sonic Collision V3: Saturday Night Is Perfectly Adequate Edition

April 9, 2011

Just a quick post here for the latest Sonic Collision. I’m afraid there shan’t be a Heavy Rotation this weekend as my computer was taken for a spin across the tracks by a careless user, where it began behaving like an ecstasy-addled sorority girl, letting every morally-dubious piece of script have its way with it. I don’t know when it will be back in service, but it has severed my link from a great deal of my music selection and typewritten thingies.

So, for the time being, enjoy these two tracks (which I uploaded before my computer went viral). I will continue to stay connected through my underpowered netbook and its eye-bleeding 10.5″ screen.

Previous Collisions here:
The Sonic Collision Archive

DJ Clivester – The Surface of Saturday Night (Elton John vs. the Chemical Brothers).mp3

DJ Clivester

The Kleptones – Saturday White (Elton John vs. Billy Idol).mp3

The Kleptones



  1. NO!!! I just cleaned my computer so I could indulge in this Sunday’s heavy rotation.

    Wait…never mind. These tracks are stellar! I especially dig DJ Clivester.

    You are forgiven.

    • Thanks for the forgiveness. I think my computer has reached the point that it needs a mercy killing (after rescuing said music/written things first, along with photos and other important things).

      I should resume my regular online existence in a few days, hopefully. Thanks for the sympathetic visit and comment. Here’s to next week’s HR, which will hopefully make up for lost time.

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