Heavy Rotation 69

April 3, 2011

[Concursantes de este domingo incluye Nightland, fin de semana, The Big Pink, gemidos primas, Papelera del Partido y demonio vivienda bruja, Nattymari. Contiene partes iguales de esta y / o lo otro. ¡Viva el error de traducción garantizadas!]

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Why should you read Julian Sanchez? Read this quote and see if can resist reading more:

Wise assessment of copyright policy should have nothing to do with how you feel about the person or entity who holds the right at any particular time, because copyright policy is not about identifying wonderful and meritorious people and ensuring—certainly not as an end in itself, anyway—that their income is proportioned to their intrinsic moral desert—or lack thereof. We are all the massive beneficiaries of millennia of accumulated human scientific knowledge and cultural output, and not one of us did anything to deserve a jot of it. We’re all just extremely lucky not to have been born cavemen. The greatest creative genius alive would be hard pressed to create a smiley faced smeared in dung on a tree trunk without that huge and completely undeserved inheritance.

The Essayist curates a mighty fine collection of the web’s best long-form writing. Added bonus: they are totally gay for David Foster Wallace.

Thinking about getting some kickass Oriental tats all over your bad self? Check here first or risk being marked for life as “hollow.”

Nightlands – 300 Clouds.mp3

In crafting the finest “prayers for rain” song since, well, the Cure’s Prayers for Rain, Nightlands enlist the aid of antiquated instrumentation and a chart-topping monks’ sense of choral arrangement to color up the background. The result is hope-against-hope fatalism, the kind that can usually only be communicated via a particularly brilliant song.

Weekend – Coma Summer.mp3

This is another one of those tracks that I find blissfully (and occasionally, blisteringly) tuneful but somehow still manages to punch elizabeth3 right in the Yiddish.

Suffice to say, Weekend’s track is amazingly catchy with just the right amount of guitar blast, making it punchier than your average summer beach buzz. The melody makes you want to bounce. The bursts of sonic fuckery make you want to pump your fist.

The Big Pink – Love in Vain.mp3

God help me, I love The Big Pink. As the heir apparent to the throne hastily abandoned by a million shoegaze artists and their introverted fans, TBP is stadium-ready gauze rock, built on solid hooks and pretty-as-fuck lyrics. The faux strings are a nice touch, as is the “if you love someone, set them free and kill yourself” resignation.

Party Trash w/Raw Moans – Drunkdial.mp3

Nothing involving any combination of the words you see above should sound this gorgeously heartbreaking. The subject matter alone would seem to lend itself to emotionless scorn, but the way Raw Moans and Party Trash view it, there’s nothing more sincerely emotional than late night regret.

Nattymari – K1LL K1LL.mp3

Taking his name from perhaps the twee-est videogame ever released, Nattymari pins down the hazy, codeine-addled end of the witch house spectrum with a mixture of pitch-slurred mantras and vapor-locked rhythms. Hidden amongst the faulty reel-to-reel vocals and drum machine abuse is the best kiss-off, pissed off, fuck off line ever delivered. It connects like a back-handed compliment:

“She look like the best money that I ever spent.”



  1. Song # 1: I should have played this while touring Westminster Abbey

    Song # 2: stopped it 15 seconds in, but then read “punch elizabeth3 right in the Yiddish” so I thought I at least owed it a full play. Conclusion: not even Ecstasy or Yiddish lyrics could save this screechy train wreck (I chose tokhis oyfn tish as a refrain). Speaking of which, I just KNOW there is a Yiddish equivalent to ‘sonic fuckery’

    Song # 3: Yikes! I’ll take Aerosmith’s Pink

    Party Trash: it totally had me until the vocals kicked in and killed it (but for 10 full seconds, it had me)

    Nattimari: Surprise, surprise!! I declare this the winner of the bunch! I listened to the entire song and loved every bit of it. This took me places I have never been before. There should be a motion simulator amusement ride set to this music. Ghoulishly gratifying. I was sad when it was over (that doesn’t happen too often). Damn, this band can make a toaster oven sing.

    • Well, I figured #2 would hit you that way, which is why I included you in the description. I’m still astounded that you would pick an Aerosmith’s “Pink” over #3, much less over pretty much anything else in the history of recorded music.

      However, I’m forgiving it all thanks to you picking Nattymari’s track as your favorite. Of everything out there, it was the least accessible, and to be honest, it was my favorite of the five as well.

      Check out more of his stuff here:

    • I checked out the links and listened to (and ENJOYED) them all. I never would have discovered this band had it not been for your blog. I think why I enjoyed them so much is that I could not anticipate where the music was heading. There was always an element of surprise. That and throw in a lot of bass and I’m hooked.

    • And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the internet exists. To connect people with stuff they never would have seen/heard otherwise.

      Nattymari does have a unique sound. In his own words, he’s heavily influenced by dub and DJ Screw. It shows. And it’s all excellent.

  2. Weekend and The Big Pink take honors for me.

    But we are multi-tasking here, what with the links at the top of your post. Enjoyed the Julian Sanchez quote and the work at ‘The Essayist’ is mighty fine even if I am not totally gay for DFW…okay maybe a little gay…you know there are a couple of show tunes I like. Nice.

    • Sweet. That makes up for the earlier dissing by an “anonymous” commenter. (See above.)

      I usually try to throw out a few links to give you something to look at while the music runs. And you don’t have to be totally gay for DFW to enjoy the Essayist. But it helps.

  3. w0w! Thank you so much Elizabeth… I really appreciate the kind words. CLT has most of it right… DJ Screw, the early dub pioneers and Sheffield industrial are all big influences. The other HUGE influence on what I do is the artifact of medium. The clippy sounds of lo-bitrate mp3s,the buzz of blown speakers, cassette hiss and warble, the sound of a tape with a bend, where you hear the other side backwards for a few moments… these things have always fascinated me.

    • Sorry I misspelled your name Nattymari (I do it to Jimmy Choo all the time)! Seems like you have a hybrid engineer’s mind coupled with an artistic streak. I’m hard to please. This was pleasing…and memorable and dare I say it…buyable!

  4. […] Nattymari is an unusual beast. With a name copped from ultra-weird import hit “Katamari Damacy” and combined with a reggae descriptor, Nattymari both covers up his blacker-than-black productions and tips a cap towards his dub progenitors. His pitch-shifted blend of corrupted noise is built on the back of the following monstrosities (from the man himself): “The clippy sounds of lo-bitrate mp3s,the buzz of blown speakers, cassette hiss and warble, th… […]

  5. […] “The clippy sounds of lo-bitrate mp3s,the buzz of blown speakers, cassette hiss and warble, the so… […]

  6. […] dues. My first (and so far, only) piece dealing with one of his tracks appeared way the hell back near the beginning of 2011, featuring his work with Raw Moans — a delightful piece of slightly-off blisspop titled Drunk […]

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