The Mozart Makes Us Classy

March 30, 2011


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  1. Shouldn’t Charlie Sheen be in the search results? No Sheen, no cred.

    • Well, we’re currently lagging behind every other website in existence for incoming Sheen searches. I’m pretty sure even .gov domains are getting more Sheen hits than us.

  2. I would say gangbang is much more classy but then I don’t listen to classical music.

    • It’s tough to pick up the subtleties of Mozart when you’ve got thighs blocking your ears.

  3. Like many folks, I came for the Mozart but stayed for the Alien Sex Fiend.

  4. Here is some of what I got over the last 30 days:

    gallbladder size of football
    wheelchair girl
    punching the clown
    red things that start with the letter p
    biggest largest asses
    things outside that start with the letter p
    “anal bleaching” before and after
    alot of kittens
    brett favre drrawings
    crazy photographs with doll parts
    capitalist cartoons

    It never ceases to amaze me.

    • Some of that is my fault. The “capitalist cartoons” can only refer to one person. And I have been writing this on a lot of bathroom walls:

      “For more information on anal bleaching, http://fundamentaljelly.com.”

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