Heavy Rotation 68

March 27, 2011

[Featuring Metric, Philip Selway, Scorpion Violante, Phantom Family Halo and School of Seven Bells. Additional remix and production by Mikezilla and the always popular A Place to Bury Strangers. All musical opinions courtesy of yours truly and do not represent the views of the ownership, management and well, pretty much damn near everyone else. Need a track removed? Email me at 2timegrime@gmail.com.]


This week, it’s links to more links, which will give you a jump on future HR links. So, there’s that.

Looking for something to read? And not just any something, but something with teeth? And depth? The Browser’s got you covered.

Jason Kottke curates a fine set of links over at Kottke.org. Bonus fact: he designed Gawker Media’s original logo!

Crowd-sourced link farming at its best. Metafilter is both an entertaining aggregator and, depending on the link, an argument waiting to happen. The comment threads are usually worth a read.

More music here:
The Heavy Rotation Archives

Metric – Blindness (Mikezilla Remix).mp3

Philip Selway – Beyond Reason (Mikezilla Remix).mp3

I can’t decide whether Mikezilla’s mixes are flat-out awesome because he knows how to dust them perfectly with dancefloor magic or because he chooses impeccably beautiful source material.

I suppose it doesn’t matter. Metric’s chilling fight song and Phil Selway’s (of Radiohead) recursive tone poem get treated to Mikezilla’s pristine production and head toward the deeper end of the dancefloor all without overstaying their welcome.

Scorpion Violente – Viol et Revanche.mp3

Crank this up loud enough and suddenly you’re covered in sweat and maybe even a bit of blood being pinned to the wall of CBGB’s by Martin Rev’s pummeling drum machine and Alan Vega’s contemptuous glare.

Scorpion Violente are Suicide reborn, riding reverb over a minimal drone and body blow rhythms. There’s something about this sort of unapologetic sonic attack that brings out primal urges from those attuned to its murky beauty and frequently turns the frontmen into a combination protagonist/antagonist.

Phantom Family Halo – Blackouts and Runaways.mp3

A low-key dirge, building steadily like a storm on the horizon, gradually spreading until the sun is blotted out by the swelling blackness.

Phantom Family Halo is very reminiscent of nobody in particular. Maybe a little of the Radio Dept. in the vocals. Keep an ear out for how soon the jagged guitar shreds enter the track. It’s a long way from their first appearance to their complete domination by the closing of the track but it’s a perfectly done buildup that bleeds out like years of quiet desperation climaxing in abrupt tragedy.

School of Seven Bells – Windstorm (A Place to Bury Strangers Remix).mp3

This is stellar. A Place to Bury Strangers lay down a distorted bass riff that sounds like a classic muscle car idling while Alejandra Deheza of School of Seven Bells drapes her airy vocals across the underpinning roar like an airbrushed nude draped across the hood. Only, you know, impeccably tasteful.

The whole thing just kind of takes off, surging from throaty growl to high-rpm whine in mere moments, leaving the entire track clouded in tire smoke and gasoline fumes.



  1. If Scorpion Violente was around in 1873, the year James Clerk Maxwell published his Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, this song surely would have been the catalyst for his discovery.

    BTW, I enjoyed this weeks selections!!

    • One can only imagine a bloodied James C. Maxwell bent over his typewriter, dripping with nearly as much perspiration as inspiration, banging out his treatise between amyl bumps. That is probably exactly how it went down.

      Thanks for the enlightening comment and visit, elizabeth.

  2. Sweet! Mikezilla’s remixes are f*cking meritorious*.

    *Thanks, Roget!

    And the Scorpion Violente track is worth its weight in head stitches.

    • Is that how Roget is spelling “fucking” these days? (They must have gotten TL to do the compiling…)

      Asterisks notwithstanding, Mikezilla is a hell of remixer and rest assured, I am busy scouring the web for more of his stuff. As for the Scorps, I’m surprised they’ve been this popular. (Granted, only two votes are in, but they seemed to be this week’s toughest sell, slightly ahead of Phantom Family Halo.)

      Thanks for the f*uckin’ august comment, bschooled. Always a pleasure to see you in one of your many guises.

  3. The Blackouts and Runaways was my favorite this time and not just because I’ve suffered both of those maladies. It’s because I dig quiet desperation (especially when it’s the English way) climaxing in abrupt tragedy. That sentence, sadly, sounds like an overview Princess Diana’s life and death.

    • It almost sounds as if the song was written with you in mind before taking a sudden metaphoric turn into Princess Diana’s life. Which is weird. Weird and completely understandable. You two are like peas in a pod: incredibly popular and (allegedly) partakers of a variety of drugs.

      You’ll do her legacy proud, Scott.

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