Heavy Rotation 64

February 27, 2011

Featuring The Straight Jacks, Dick Dale by way of Sector, Guilty Ghosts, Soap Opera and Spoon being beaten by BEAKR. Kind of all over the place here and featuring, unbelievably, some drum & bass. Go figure. Wish a song of yours would just go away? Email me at 2timegrime@gmail.com.

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A long, long, ultra-long look behind the scenes from a former top member of the Church of Scientology.

Sweet! Hacker supergroup Anonymous is taking on the Westboro Baptist Church. Bring on the well-deserved LULZ!

Upon further review, Anonymous will NOT be taking on the Westboro Baptist Church. Because it is they who are the trolling fuckers and they’ve got lawyers like other people have IQ points.

Kate Beaton, the genius cartoonist behind Hark, a Vagrant, has never seen an episode of Dr. Who. This hasn’t stopped her from whipping up a representative episode of the show. As far as I can tell, her sketches are more accurate than the show itself.

The Static Jacks – Parties and Friends (and Bullshit).mp3

Sounds like a less aggro Social Distortion, but one that traces the same outlines (drinking, women, pain) that Social Distortion did best. It’s easy to imagine Mike Ness’ heavily-tattooed growl throttling this one, decrying the injustices perpetrated on him by his woman, her nasty drinking habit and her even nastier drunken habits.

If indie rock had a “classic rock” subgenre, the Static Jacks would be the trendsetter.

Dick Dale – Misirilou (Sector Drum & Bass Mix).mp3


As has been stated before, I don’t care much for Drum & Bass. But as was also pointed out, the DnB I do like (Aphrodite, etc.) isn’t considered real DnB by the purists. So what we have here is something that works so well it seems obvious with about 30 seconds of hindsight: a “not real DnB” remix of Misirlou, a speedy Dick Dale track made bouncier by the addition of filling-loosening bass and a jump-up breakbeat.

Thus, Eastern-informed surf guitar becomes theoretically danceable, even if you can only get as far as your computer chair.

Guilty Ghosts – Bergen Street.mp3

Like Mogwai, only more electronic-y, Guilty Ghosts pair a skipping CD drumbeat with a blanketing fog of melodic distortion. The perfect soundtrack for a rainy day. Or (depending on current local conditions) the perfect soundtrack for a hungover, shades-drawn kind of day.

(Photo: Jason Pfeifer)

Soap Opera – Colliqual.mp3

Some sort of rough-hewn dubby breakbeat, sporting Massive Attack meets Mad Professor beats with barking electronic interjections and unintelligible vocals that weave in and out of the murk. No single element is particularly threatening but the whole thing has an ass-kicking air about it. And who is Soap Opera? You won’t find any answers here.

Spoon – I Turn My Camera On (BEAKR Mix).mp3

Spoon for your dancefloor, without any lazy beat additions or bland 4/4 club pandering. Just a kick-ass BEAKR re-edit, stressing the thump while retaining Britt Daniels’ distinctive vocals and lyrics.


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  1. I like anything Quentin Tarantino likes. 🙂

    • Haha! And I like anything Elizabeth likes.


    • Any friend of Tarantino (and a friend of Elizabeth) (and a friend of Bschooled)is a friend of mine.

    • This is all just a little too “group huggy” for me. I need to get into a good scrap, lest I feel the need to barf.

      Although, I might seize the opportunity to cop a cheap feel or two.

    • Stop touching my junk. And Tarantino’s.

    • I like nothing better than to ‘rough up’ (to include beat the crap out of) my men. I hope this makes you feel better SM (and less ‘group huggy’).

    • Careful. She also likes to watch them hurl expensive watches into nearby bodies of water.

    • Elizabeth, (providing it stays within the realm of “play”) it actually does make me feel better. Actually, rather tingly in certain places. I’ll bet you’re probably a gal who enjoys “pegging” too.

      Wow! This is getting really Auto-focus really fast. Hey, who’s finger is that?

    • Are you kidding me? If I have to strap on a dildo, I’m going after Bschooled.

  2. You obviously don’t get hangovers like I do. If somebody even so much as breathes too loudly, my head explodes.

    Love Static Jacks, and Dick Dale is always good. But I think Spoon is my new favorite thing.

    • I must not. In fact, I can’t think of the last time I had a hangover. I also can’t think of when the last time I had more than two drinks in a row was. I’m not passing judgment. I used to work in a bar so I’ve had my share of 12 hour+ “workdays.” I’m just no good at drinking anymore.

      Spoon is good shit (as the kids say, which is a little shocking considering they’re 4 and 6, respectively). MEK, unsurprisingly, is somewhat a Spoon expert and is more than willing to share, should you wish more musical Spooning.

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