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February 24, 2011

The Big Jewel, where I take on ghosts and stuff, and published at Techdirt in a somewhat indirect fashion (you’ll have to do some scrolling in order to see a familiar name).



  1. Kickassic! Loved it, CLT.

    Nobody makes contact with restless souls like you do!!

    Except maybe Jennifer Love Hewitt’s vagina. http://poponthepop.com/2010/01/jennifer-love-hewitt-vagazzles-her-vagina/

    • Thanks, beawesomer! (I feel that name will always require an exclamation point.)

      While JLH’s decorated girl parts may make contact with the other side more frequently, my contact rarely gets termed “inappropriate.”

    • I could boogie under Jennifer Love Huge Hewitt’s disco ball all night long!

      She’d have to preform an exorcism to get rid of me.

    • Be careful what you wish for, SM. That glitter never comes off. People will think you’ve been hitting up the local raves.

  2. Here is my resolution for Jacob Weissman: send Charlie Sheen in all crack’d up with a couple of whores on each arm. In no time at all he will be blurting “Listen up, Ya’akov…gather your gelt and get your shyster ass out of town…”

    I haven’t said it in a while Cap, you are some kind of ‘prolificus ingenium’ (prolific and genius sound too trite). You would make any mother proud.

    • I like Charlie, especially the crazy Charlie who would rather sabotage his future than shut his noise-hole once in awhile. It’s just “2.5 Men.” We’ll be alright without it. (Maybe he’ll bring his group of Vatican assassin warlocks to straighten Jacob out.)

      Thanks for the kind Latin, elizabeth. I’ll keep trying, until every mom in the world is proud of me.

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