Heavy Rotation 63

February 20, 2011

Featuring Tobacco, Glitter Bones, No Age, Slowdive and The Fauns. Damaged electro followed by the soothing sounds of various -gazes, nu- and old skool shoe-. Would you like a track removed? Email me at 2timegrimee@gmail.com


Learn how to do stuff from self-annointed “experts” over at The Content Farm. The first step to paying off your credit card debt? Get money. It seems obvious now, but your lack of expertise probably blinded you.

How J.C. Penney gamed the search engine system. Yeah. J.C. Penney. Even the most staid of mall anchor stores are hacking their way back to relevance.

Multiple links here. All good. The story behind security firm HBGary and one man’s idiotic attempt to take on notorious hacking hivemind Anonymous. To quote one of the many: “Moral of the Story: Don’t drum up business by banging on a hornet’s nest.”

1. The Man Who Knew Too Little: Behind Aaron Barr’s (of HBGary) convoluted plot to bring down Wikilinks.
2. How Aaron Barr tracked down Anonymous and paid heavily: 68,000 company emails made public, 1.5TB of data flushed, Twitter account hacked, website defaced, and more.
3. After Anon’s preliminary attack, Aaron Barr confronts his attackers. Bitch-slappage ensues.
4. Anonymous details the hack.
5. The complete IRC chat log of Barr’s “face-to-face” with Anonymous.

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Tobacco – Six Royal Vipers.mp3

Tobacco makes a particularly unhealthy form of electronica, one that sounds like it’s composed in a roomful of lengthy wiring and dust bunnies, lit with a single, flickering fluorescent bulb. You can almost picture him hunched over a jury-rigged beatbox, surrounded by overflowing ashtrays and unsleeved LPs, coaxing out distorted melodies and warped tones, occasionally interrupted by tripped circuit breakers and periodic hits from his n2o cartridge.

Clinking through the discarded cartridges, he presses REC on the reel-to-reel which is loaded with decaying tape originally purchased from a boot sale somewhere in the darker parts of Mile End, along with a set of ancient pornographic comic books, a stack of which are currently in use leveling out the mid-70s console stereo.

Finally happy with his efforts, Tobacco dumps it all into the aging Atari ST (don’t knock it: Fatboy Slim still uses one) and, with a flip of the circuit breaker and some wire rearranging, sends it to the waiting vinyl press. One the grooves are imprinted, Tobacco grabs the fresh acetate and drills an off-center hole in it and quickly inscribes “???: ? RPMs” on the label.

No Age – Losing Feeling.mp3

When not confidently speeding through Pavement-damaged angular indie rock, No Age like to wind their way down a poppier, melancholic path lit only by filtered sunlight and bright chords which intermittently expose the darkness just below the surface. This is the way indie pop should be done: kiss to the brain melodies coasting on frictionless sounds just left enough of radio to avoid being tagged “sellout.”

The Fauns – Road Meets Sky.mp3

Nu-gaze that conjures up the best Lush tracks with a bit of Slowdive (see below) thrown in for good measure.

Glitter Bones – Race to Heaven.mp3

Like a slightly more cheerful Slowdive, making use of the same softly focused palette but with brighter colors mixed in. Kind of as if Slowdive had hied the fuck up out of watery Reading and relocated to somewhere with a few more months of steady sunlight. Like Ibiza.

Glitter Bones‘ dreampop sounds a little poppier and a little less like the suicidal teen down the block and hits your ears like a love letter written on a sugar rush.

Slowdive – Machine Gun.mp3

For comparison. (Also works fine as a stand-alone piece.)



  1. Wait, they have porn comics? I’ll bet that’s some sick, twisted shit. I don’t know what’s going on with porn lately, but the last time I stopped in at The Hun (a thumbnail porn site) I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on. Seriously, if that place is an accurate barometer of what is going on with sex lately, I’m very, very afraid for the future of the human race. I’ma almost going to have to use my imagination again. Almost. Sorry for that lengthy aside, this comment got away from me… I think you got me twisted up again by getting me back on the tar.

    I also dug the No Age, as you probably knew I would. I mean, POPPIES! I just love that sound.

    Thanks Brother Man!

    • Yes, Virgina – you can get your porn in comix form. Google “Tijuana bible.” Also, half the cartoon output of National Lampoon.

      Heroin-addling aside, I have no idea what passes for “sexy” these days in the porn world. It’s as if they decided that everything has already been done and now they’re taking it places in order to attract the fringe that hasn’t been serviced by imported German scat films and barnyard bestiality. I pray for the future as well, but my limited religiosity is probably only making things worse.

      I’m glad you dug the poppiest of the bunch. The amazing thing about heroin is that one country produces 90% of the world’s supply and yet out massively overpriced drug war can’t shut it down. Oh well, I’m sure DARE and etc. have it all handled on the home front. Drug users are criminals, after all. Weed smokers especially.

  2. RE: Aaron Barr

    While I can’t pretend to grasp most of the tech-related details of this, it’s pretty damn clear that Aaron Barr and all the worthless motherfuckers involved in this kind of fucking bullshit deserve far, far, worse than what Anonymous did to Barr. They need to be ass raped with chainsaws!

    These kind of black-ops goals and info-harvesting techniques done by private companies looking to make profit off what should be (or even is) illegal ultimately pose a million times the threat to Freedom(TM) that a few goat fucking Allah worshippers we’ve been trained to fear pose.

    I think my “favourite” parts were where Barr said he disliked corporations but must protect their secrecy and follow wherever it is they are taking us. He also said calling people “free speech nutbars” almost made him throw up in his own mouth. May I suggest you attempt the full Jimi Hendrix next time, Mr Barr?

    It’s all just one more reason to, not just stay away from Loserbook and other social networking sites this douche-bag used to hunt people down, but to throw my fucking Inter-tubes box over a cliff and join an Amish colony.

    How exactly does somebody join Anonymous? I’d like to get a membership, so I can rip some worthless cocksucker a new asshole.

    • Ass-raped with chainsaws equals actual jail time. I don’t think Anon wants any part of that, especially considering the sort of non-chainsaw-involved ass raping that goes on in there.

      As for joining Anonymous? I’m not sure there’s any sort of official process. It seems to be one of those things where you’re already in it, or forever on the outside. Lord knows, I don’t have the tech skills to crank up the lulz with those bastards, but I would imagine there’s some sort of informal IRC hivemind that could be hiding the entrance.

    • “It seems to be one of those things where you’re already in it, or forever on the outside.”

      Like the decision making processes of modern democracies, or the real benefits of modern capitalism?

      Unlike some of these pussies, I’m willing to go to jail and “take some for the team” if it meant some motherfuckers got exactly what they deserved for a change. Besides, if I went to jail for sticking a chainsaw up some worthless motherfucker’s ass, there’s a chance I might not get such bad treatment in the slammer.

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