Heavy Rotation 62

February 13, 2011

Featuring Umberto, Simian Mobile Disco, the Sleep-Ins, Marina and the Diamonds (assistance provided by Pictureplane) and Bisquit. Some dark electro, light electro, post-electro, good old fashioned indie rock and a fat slab of cheese. Need a track removed? Email me at 2timegrime@gmail.com.

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This clip will make your brain cough up blood.

Umberto – Someone Chasing Someone Through a House.mp3

Zombie Zombie? John Carpenter? Gatekeeper? Goblin?

If any one of these ring a bell, you’re in for an atmospheric treat. Umberto lays down the creeping menace like nobody’s business, least of all the person who has just now realized the calls are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE.

Knives out. That door. Fuck. That door locks from the other side. Upstairs. Shit. The lights. The fucking lights!

(While you enjoy that minimal word picture and the soothing tones of your near-death experience closing in, take a moment to revel in the pure snark of the song title. The perfect answer to the sneering Nimrod who knocks your music with a sneering, “So, you like write soundtrack music for movies that don’t exist? Is that about right?”

Let’s all hope this prick is the expendable cast member. You know, the annoying one that the audience starts shouting directions to, like “Open that door!” and “Go lay down on the centerline!”)

Also noted: Umberto hails from Kansas City of all places. Isn’t music fucking great!

Simian Mobile Disco – Hákarl.mp3

I don’t know what someone said to Simian Mobile Disco but it must have cut them deep. Something about selling out. Going pop. Jumping in the shallow end with Justice.

Whatever was said worked. SMD released the most aggressively non-commercial album of their career with Delicacies. Dark dirty dancefloor material. Brutal minimal beatdowns with no concessions granted to the hipsters, the charts or the pretenders claiming to be tastemakers.

No vocals. Well oiled precision electronics hammering the point home. Nothing under 7 minutes in length. You wanted a hit? Not here. No sellout.

The Sleep-Ins – Silver State.mp3

The Sleep-Ins are a throwback to very early-90s altrock, throwing around walls of guitar fuzz like the adopted children of the Inspiral Carpets and the Soupdragons. There’s also a bit of Dinosaur Jr’s more temperate moments (Feel the Pain, in particular) where Mascis could un-slack long enough to make a brief connection with a potential audience.

I also here a bit of Pavement in here as well (Box Elder, specfically) but this would be a Pavement that wasn’t so damn sure it was smarter than its listeners. Great, earworming stuff.

Marina and the Diamonds – Shampain (Picture Plane Remix).mp3

Marina and the Diamonds revive the adventurous near-pop of Laurie Anderson and Kate Bush (especially the latter) in this charming, chiming shard of bliss. “Rapturous” could get tossed in here as a prime adjective. Incredibly catchy, sporting a melody that goes for miles. Pictureplane is on hand to add more charm, chiming and roughed-up chords and samples.

Bisquit – Roller Boogie.mp3

I left this one for last since it may be the last thing you hear today. It’s not that other music won’t reach your ears, it’s just that whatever it is will have no chance of dislodging this insidious piece of bubblegum from your subconscious. It’s so infectious it should come with penicillin booster shots.

It’s German but the lyrics are in English. There’s plenty of vocoder scattered all over these lyrics which gives it a high-tech feel while still being retro as all hell. (Kind of like an audio approximation of The Jetsons. And the vocoder is easily one of my favorite electronic thingies, right behind the Roland TB-303.)

Do yourself a favor and watch the video, which contains some of the most half-assed choreography and easily-tired dancers I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure that if this didn’t exist, neither would the Vengaboys, which in no way diminishes the ridiculous amount of pure, naïve fun this brings to the table.




  1. Umberto is pretty grim, but fortunately you finish with some disco cleavage to totally redeem yourself. Bisquit sizzles.

    • Yeah, Bisquit is really… well, they’re German and top heavy and have to count steps to keep up with the intricate choreography. I’m not sure where that first sentence was going, but Bisquit sort of has the ability to shake your brain like an Etch-A-Sketch and render you

  2. So hard to concentrate when all I can think about is Sedate Me’s forthcoming response, but I’ll try.

    Track 1: chillingly Poe-esque …PERFECT background music to Sedate Me’s comment found here:


    Track 2: what Sedate says

    Track 3: this tells me you have not drank/drugged enough in your lifetime (those who have find this kind of music ‘nerve jangly’)…not to be misinterpreted as you SHOULD drink/drug enough…otherwise, you would not write nearly as well/prolifically

    Track 4: I’d like to hear the BEP’s version

    Track 5: I’d like to hear Mika’s version

    Track 5: Hey! They stole my dance moves!

    Just wondering if you could recommend a track or two as background music (haha…I meant an album!) for Sedate Me’s much anticipated post.

    • Elizabeth, SM is barely half thru with last year’s Top 50 list at this point. I wouldn’t expect a comment on new listening material until mid-May at the earliest. You’re still welcome to reference those comments if and when he shows up.

      I think I may have drank enough but I was behind the curve on drugs. I suppose with enough cerebral cortex rewiring and septum removal could turn something I find hummable into a coke-nail-on-a-chalkboard annoyance.

      Two further notes: I don’t think I’ll ever look forward to the BEP’s version of this, or any of their own material for that matter. Nothing personal against you. It’s not you, it’s them.

      Other note: If they stole your dance moves, they could have at least had the courtesy to nail down the timing before displaying their ill-gotten gains to the world. It’s always an “I’m embarrassed for both of us” feeling when you watch a “pro” start visibly counting steps.

    • Sedate Me has difficulties listening to music at work and it’s difficult for him to keep up on such a music heavy website, especially considering what a wordy motherfucker he is.

      I may skip a lot of rotations, but I committed to the entire Top 50 out of respect to the effort and personal risk put into it.

  3. Ha! You speak the truth, CLT.

    Thanks to you, Bisquit has been in my head for the last three days.

    I don’t think I’ve never wanted a unitard so badly in my life.

    • Oh, it’s nefariously catchy, two words I’ve never strung together until coming across that track. Not only that, but until I’d seen the video I had no idea that they made one-size-fits-all unitards.

  4. I want to eat me some Bisquits!

    What is there NOT to like about that video? Beautiful German Fräuleins shaking their leather/spandex clad booties to a groovy disco beat in roller skates. It’s the kind of thing that makes me wish I owned a time machine even more than I already do.

    • It’s a strangely wonderful thing. The amateurism of the video makes it even more enticing, like you (with the aid of your time machine) would actually know these people and have accompanied them to the insta-video shop down at the local mall. There’s barely 4 minutes of fleeting fame in this video, but they put all they had on the screen. (There’s also barely 4 minutes of rehearsal time, I would imagine.)

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