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The Top 50 Tracks of 2010 Redux/Stripmine

January 1, 2011

The complete list with downloadable links. (Right-click on track name to download.) If you haven’t got the OCD to click them all, the entire Top 50 has been split into 3 archived files (links at the bottom of the post). Archived files are hosted on Mediafire. Links will open in a new window.

1. Justin Bieber – U Smile (Shamantis’ 800% Slower Mix).mp3
2. Crocodiles – Mirrors.mp3
3. Lazer Crystal – Love Rhombus.mp3
3a. Lazer Crystal – Hot Pink BMX.mp3
4. Glitter Bones – Ceremonial Secrets.mp3
5. Rraaiillss – Halogen/Out of the Bag
6. Felix & Volcano! – Shaadow.mp3
7. Whitey – Liars, Vipers, Jokes and Fakes
8. Clive Tanka y Su Orquestra – All Night, All Right.mp3
9. Cyan Tablets – Amaretto.mp3
10. Black Books – The Big Idea.mp3

11. Siriusmo – Einmal in Der Woche Schreien.mp3
12. Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks.mp3
13. Housse de Racket – Gwendoline (Gemini Club Remix).mp3
14. Miniature Tigers – Gold Skull.mp3
15. Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Tommie Sunshine’s Quaalude Edit).mp3
16. Rick Ross – B.M.F. (Caligula Mix).mp3
17. Acid Washed – Acid Washed (DANGER Remix).mp3
18. Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks (Sidney Frost’s Redneck Mash Mix).mp3
19. Crocodiles – Hearts of Love.mp3
20. Telenovelas – Bloody Mary.mp3

21. Pink Mist – Longer.mp3
22. Grinderman – Bellringer Blues.mp3
23. Joy Division – Means to an End (Eamon Harkin Edit).mp3
24. Arno – All the Young Dudes.mp3
25. Unkle feat. the Black Angels – Natural Selection.mp3
26. Luger – Swastika Sweetheart.mp3
27. Deftones – Rocket Skates (M83 Mix).mp3
28. Twin Sister – Lady Daydream (Glitter Bones Remix).mp3
29. White Ring – We Rot.mp3
30. Young Boys – Bring ‘Em Down.mp3

31. Parties in Belgrade – Statues.mp3
32. Brian Eno – 2 Forms of Anger.mp3
33. ///▲▲▲\\\ – How They Kill You.mp3
34. The Delta Mirror – He Was Worse than the Needle He Gave You.mp3
35. Golden Ages – It Doesn’t Mean Shit.mp3
36. Holy Fuck – Lucky.mp3
37. Record Eating Machines – Roover.mp3
38. The Vaselines – Ruined.mp3
39. Mater Suspiria Vision – The Afterlife.mp3
40. Yu(c)k – Weakend.mp3 // Daughter.mp3

41. †‡† – goth bb.mp3
42. SALEM – King Night.mp3
43. Spider▲Webs – Do the Psycho.mp3
44. Wise Blood – STRT SRNS.mp3
45. Humans – Mon Ton Ton.mp3
46. Chemical Brothers – K+D+B.mp3
47. Haunted Tiger – I’m a Mummy.mp3
48. Grave Babies – Eating Babies.mp3
49. Finkielkrauts – Cocksucker No Blues.mp3
50. Teddybears – Chrystal Meth Christian.mp3

The whole Top 50 compressed and available for download:

Top 50 Folder 1

Top 50 Folder 2

Top 50 Folder 3



Top 50 Tracks of 2010: The #1 Track of the Year

January 1, 2011

Once in a great while, a happy accident results in a great track. Acid house pioneer Phuture yanked the batteries out of his TB-303 bass emulator, kicking it into “failure mode” and bypassing the original settings to tweak out a screeching, wobbling unnatural noise henceforth known as “acid.”

The result? Acid techno and acid house that added  noisy vitality to a nascent club scene.

As some point a guitarist leaned into a hot amp and be rewarded with a high-pitched blast of white noise — feedback. Soon a long string of musicians would come to consider this a “feature” rather than a “bug.” That piercing tone has colored the work of everyone from Jimi Hendrix to A Place to Bury Strangers, the latter of which has adhered to the Jesus & Mary Chain’s “feedback as lead guitar” blueprint.

Other some fortunate glitches exist. New Order rides a drum machine test pattern to the top of the charts with Blue Monday. Prince hears a mix of When Doves Cry without the bass mixed in and likes the sound so much he leaves it off permanently.

The happy accident/experimentation behind the #1 track of 2010 begins in Houston’s hip hop scene, way back in the early 1990s. Local producer and cough syrup aficionado DJ Screw begins producing his own “chopped and screwed” remixes of local rap acts. In an attempt to synthesize the narcotized sleepwalk of a good sizzurp buzz, DJ Screw manipulated his makeshift cassette-deck-and-turntable setup to crank out incredibly slow reinterpretations of various rap artists, turning their gun/crack-slinging boasts into demonic incantations backed by drip-drying electronic smears and jet black, molasses-thick beats, bearing a cursory resemblance to playing a 45 at 33-1/3. Thousands of imitators hopped onto the Screw bandwagon, each of them offering their own stabs at the patented “chopped and screwed” sound.

One such fan of Screw’s was Romanian programmer Paul Octavian Nasca who wished to decouple speed from pitch, thus allowing him to create new tones from existing material without dragging everything into a low-end, somnambulistic slump. However, no such software existed. Being the avid tech-head he was, Nasca decided it would be simpler to write the software himself, cranking out the open-source “Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch.”

With this tool, producers could create unearthly tones more closely related to the upper echelons of ambient music rather than the darkened, druggy alley of “screwed” remixes. At some point, a bedroom producer got ahold of this software and did something truly amazing while simultaneously doing everything wrong.

How wrong?

Is this any sort of ingredient list for creating something transcendent and the best track I heard all year?

1. Grab the biggest slice of commercial cheese available.
2. Crank all settings to “illogical.”
3. Allow software to work its magic.
4. Click “play.”
5. Ho…ly…shit…
6. Release into the wild.

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