Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Rraaiillss – Halogen/Out of the Bag

December 28, 2010

5a. Rraaiillss – Halogen

5b. Rraaiillss – Out of the Bag

I’m cheating here because I’ve been trying to nail down which track I prefer for the last couple of months. Just when I think I’ve decided, the other track unveils its particular charms again.

Sounds like nothing else on Adam Anderson’s astounding debut 1098, with its My Bloody Valentine-ish, nearly impenetrable sonic thicket. Tangled guitar riffs meet clattering drum machines in a confident racket, asserting Rraaiillss’ grasp of the fact that beauty isn’t always pristine. This one crashes against your ears like an aural monsoon, drenching you in swelling and rippling sheets of sound.

Out of the Bag
This track takes a different tack, rolling out as a refreshingly good natured burst, sounding for all the world like a chart troubler Echo & the Bunnymen forgot to write. The guitar chimes, the beat lies slightly south of bouncy and Anderson’s vocals are appropriately breathless. The whole thing wastes no effort, gliding along on rraaiillss of guitar pop bliss.

Ride the Rraaiillss.

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  1. I’m going with the second one.

    • That’s the beauty of it: either way you choose you still win!

  2. Halogen wins the race for 5th by half a length. But I’d have liked a musical race where the two are competing for, say, 15th. So far, the field isn’t quite as strong as I’d expect for the Feature Race of an entire year. Hopefully, the next 4 will make up for that by finishing well ahead of the pack.

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