Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Felix & Volcano! – Shaadows

December 27, 2010

6. Felix & Volcano! – Shaadows.mp3

I don’t care what you’re listening to or what you’re doing. Drop all of it and listen to this. This is best fucking thing you will hear all day/week/month/year.

I said this earlier this year and I still mean it. (Well, except maybe the “year” part. Obviously at number 6, it’s not the best thing you’ll hear all year.) Even though I’m no longer listening to it a half-dozen times in a row, I still crank it way up whenever it makes its way through my mp3 playlist. That it rises no higher than #6 on this list diminishes its impact in no way. It just means the Top 5 are that fucking good.

It’s a triumphantly positive blast, especially considering I can find nothing else in their repertoire that sounds remotely like it. The message it still powerful: sometimes the only way to transcend is to let go.

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  1. Ahhh, yes. This is one of those tracks that grabs you right away, and it isn’t until after a few plays that you realize it has no plans of letting you go.

    (The above paragraph is like a unique word sculpture, no?)

    • Thanks for the unique word sculpture, bschooled. I assume you crafted it out of words they wouldn’t let you take on your international flight?

      All that aside, it’s a hell of a track. Makes you want to stay up all night annoying people with repeated extra-loud listens.

  2. I liked the calliope-y infusion lending to a funfairfastic excursion on a sunny day. Cheery music!!

    • It’s bright without being obnoxiously cheery, like a loquacious friend who narrowly avoided becoming a morning show host or Mary Kay salesperson.

  3. Despite the retro feel, (the diso-ish clapping sounds, the 60’s keyboards) I’m not getting much from it. Parts of it remind me of Wham. The last minute sounds good but it’s where the first minute should have been.

    Perhaps it’s a case of too much “sunniness” and not enough irony for me.

    • Well, it’s got a cheery storefront but the inside is a wreck. Definitely not for everyone, but if you get it, then you really get it.

      Wham, eh? Hmmm.

    • Yeah Wham. Tough to describe, but somewhere in the first half I just started hearing Wham. The music is a bit herky-jerky in parts, some of the keyboard playing is reminiscent, there’s some clapping, and the guy sort of sing-talks like Georgie boy occasionally does. Maybe I’m just…oversensitive.

      The Wham sensation polluted the retro feel and ruined the chances of me getting an ironic smirk. When exposed to sunniness, I usually turn red (with anger) without a thick coating of ironic sunblock first being applied.

      If I get a chance, maybe I’ll look up the lyrics like I did with Whitey, slap my speakers a few times and give it another try. But I think it’s like one of those movies that should have been better than it was.

      Update: Couldn’t find any lyrics and, before posting this, I listened to the song again and heard more Wham than the first time. Hopefully, this won’t put Wham in your head and ruin the song for you too.

    • It’s not the handclaps I can’t get out of my head. It’s the patented Wham! short shorts.

      …it’s like one of those movies that should have been better than it was.

      I may have oversold it with that first paragraph.

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