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Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Felix & Volcano! – Shaadows

December 27, 2010

6. Felix & Volcano! – Shaadows.mp3

I don’t care what you’re listening to or what you’re doing. Drop all of it and listen to this. This is best fucking thing you will hear all day/week/month/year.

I said this earlier this year and I still mean it. (Well, except maybe the “year” part. Obviously at number 6, it’s not the best thing you’ll hear all year.) Even though I’m no longer listening to it a half-dozen times in a row, I still crank it way up whenever it makes its way through my mp3 playlist. That it rises no higher than #6 on this list diminishes its impact in no way. It just means the Top 5 are that fucking good.

It’s a triumphantly positive blast, especially considering I can find nothing else in their repertoire that sounds remotely like it. The message it still powerful: sometimes the only way to transcend is to let go.

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