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Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Whitey – Liars, Vipers, Jokes and Fakes

December 26, 2010

7. Whitey – Liars, Vipers, Jokes and Fakes

A healthy dose of cautionary cynicism from one of the finest electro-rockers in the business. No one else quite sounds like Whitey and Whitey really sounds like no one else. With Liars, Vipers, Jokes and Fakes, Whitey lures you in with curiously innocuous Caribbean cruise deck sounds. The drums kick in shortly thereafter, letting you know he won’t just be ironically samba-ing all over the place.

The second verse introduces a discordantly growling guitar which lurks just out of sight. Then comes the bridge, a fierce, buzzing, electronic, stuttering burst which stands alone briefly, connecting the breezy opening with the more aggressive back nine. The pace amps up, covered in fuzzed-up bass and carried along by a crashing, hi-hat riding, near-tribal beat.

The machinations of the music match Whitey’s rising anger, turning what might have been just another shaking-your-fist-at-the-world track into a righteously pissed rock monster.

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