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Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Black Books – The Big Idea

December 23, 2010

10. Black Books – The Big Idea.mp3

A slow-building, burning from the inside epic, The Big Idea grows and grows, coming on like a sunrise telling you it’s time to get home. It’s a creeper, smoldering under some simple synth lines and evocative guitar growls. Just when you think that’s as far as it’s going, the chorus arrives, expanding temporarily before ceding to the rising guitar.

The real magic begins in the second chorus when it drops to just vocals and a synth swirl. Then the guitar returns, switching gears from “understated” to “dominating”, while Black Books’ lead singer Rosco’s vocals rise to the challenge, delivering a line that’s more desperation than promise:

You can have anything you want.”

Check out Black Books from this local library.

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