Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Siriusmo – Einmal in der Woche Schreien

December 22, 2010

11. Siriusmo – Einmal In Der Woche Schreien.mp3

(Or watch this for added charming WTF-ness:)

Too quirky for dancefloor DJs. Too fun for chinstroking IDM wallflowers. Not quite broken enough for glitch. Too off-center for breaks afficionadoes. Where the fuck does this fit in?

Maybe it doesn’t. Siriusmo just wants to make you smile. Enjoy the ping-ponging helium vocal samples. Trip along with the multiple tempo shifts. Shove your head in the bassbin every time he goes down low. Walk away humming the melody. Push play again. And again. And again.

And he does it all under a title that nearly namechecks a leftfield therapy method. Loosely translated: “Scream once a week.”

Good advice. Great track.

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  1. Mesmerizing vid…totes got lost in it.

    • It’s some weird shit alright. Weird but ultimately harmless and somehow heartwarming.

  2. Our farmer is either suffering from ergot poisoning, or he’s the victim of an American rendition program and is having death’s door hallucinations about farming.

    • It’s probably both. Victims are usually fed trace amounts of ergot to build up immunity before given massive amounts of ergot.

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