Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Miniature Tigers – Gold Skull

December 19, 2010

14. Miniature Tigers – Gold Skull.mp3

The Tigers offer you their full attention (“I’m turning off my cellphone“) and some armchair REM analysis (“Dream of gold skull“) while copping a chord progression from the Statler Brothers which suits the dead-end meandering of the tune just fine.

Chillwave songsmith Neon Indian mans the knobs for this laid back track, buffing the uber-catchy near-pop gem to gleaming translucence. The lyrics don’t add up quite right but somehow still manage to convey the feeling that sometimes the only way to get away from it all is to draw the shades and stay the fuck home.

Pocket Tigers.

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  1. Pretty good, if only because the music reminds me of Gershon Kingsley’s song, Popcorn.

    which had a very successful, and ironically, less electronic remix. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OK5q1bU59Ic
    by Hot Butter in 1972.

    I must also add that the Swedish Chef Remix

    belongs in a Top 10 Remix List of 2010. Arguably, his version belongs on the Top 50 of 2010 List more than than a certain remix of a certain 1982 song because it contains considerably more original material.

    • Shit, why do some links embed and others don’t? Normally, I don’t want anything to embed, as I think it’s somewhat inconsiderate. Sorry.

    • I don’t know why that is. For consistency, just embed them. For WordPress blogs, use . I don’t mind.

      By the way, that last one is the keeper. And I always thought Hot Butter did the original. Chalk one up for knowledge!

    • I’m not sure how to embed correctly either. I figure that, by the time I learn how to do it right, some technological advance will render my effort to learn pointless. (Technology, the great devalue-er of knowledge and disincentive of effort.) As most of my posts are already so long, I prefer links, because videos occupy even more space.

      As for Popcorn, all 3 of those flavours put an ironic smirk on my face, which is as close to a “smile” as I get.

    • Sorry. I put the example in there and it got taken out as it didn’t parse. Use “[ youtube=link ]” (no spaces) to embed.

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