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Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Rick Ross – B.M.F. (Caligula Remix)

December 17, 2010

16. Rick Ross – B.M.F. (Caligula Mix).mp3

The thing about Rick Ross: he tells it like it is. Every MC is “streeter than thou,” but Ross says what everyone else keeps hoping he won’t. His delivery is so laid back it hardly seems threatening, but that’s always the case with those whose bite far outweighs their bark.

Rozay puts on another seminar in coke dealing 101. When not introducing leftfield blow slang (“I got the Archie Bunker/And it’s so white I might just charge you double“), he’s pointing out how your dealership just ain’t cutting it (“You just affiliated/I bought it ground up/You bought yours renovated“).

But what’s most disturbing to moral alarmists isn’t the random violence and drug pushing. It’s the simple truth that resonates even louder thanks to Ross’ give-a-shit laconic drawl: “My niggas/Crime pays.”

That’s dangerous.

Meanwhile, Caligula oscillates and vibrates all over the background, filling the space between the beats with electronic squiggles and unbalanced bass.

This is for my poor niggas.

This is for my rich niggas.

Got a hundred on the head of a snitch nigga.

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