Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Crocodiles – Hearts of Love

December 14, 2010

19. Crocodiles – Hearts of Love.mp3

San Diego’s Crocodiles deliver on everything they hastily but sincerely promised on their debut album, Summer of Hate. Everything about Sleep Forever is tighter, brighter and just generally better.

Hauling in influences from all over the late-’80s-early-’90s altrock scene (most prominently Echo & the Bunnymen), the Crocodiles craft sun-kissed pop with enough of a noisy edge and lyrical bite to cross the line from “disposable” to “essential.”

Hearts of Love is all hook, beginning with the pounding opening drumbeat which meshes with iridescent chimes to form an aural yin/yang right in the dead center of your brain. Once you’re sucked in, the reverbed vocals pour acid all over the sugar, thanking “God above for draining hearts of love.”

It all comes together like a Phil Spector boy band armed with a dash of feedback. (The “me and my love will surf the streets all day” line clinches it.) The track detaches from the bedrock beats and heads for the upper atmosphere, trailing bad vibes like so many feathers from a free-falling Icarus.

“Oh, when I die
When I disappear
Leave my troubles behind”

These Crocs look good on everybody.

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  1. I was unaware that Echo and The Bunnymen re-united, moved to California and became carnivores. Clearly, they have done just that.

    • Actually, the above picture is of the reformation of the Bunnymen in which their new beginning was announced with the symbolic burial of the past. This took the form of an actual burial of the non-useful band members (i.e., everyone not named Ian McCullough).

    • Wow! They’ve barely aged a day. Have they been sleeping in cryogenic stasis all this time?

      Awaking from a decades long freezer nap might just explain the sudden desire to go from herbivore to carnivore. I know I get pretty ravenous after just a 12 hour slumber on the weekend.

  2. This may be my new favorite. I keep coming back at night after you’ve left for the day and making love to it with my auditory cortex. Hard.

    I thought you should know.

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