Top 20 Tracks of 2010: Telenovelas – Bloody Mary

December 13, 2010

20. Telenovelas – Bloody Mary.mp3

Crossing Sonic Youth with the Catherine Wheel and hiding it all under the hazy broadcast of a border-crossing daytime soap, Telenovelas make a glorious amount of noise. It’s a high-quality noise, though, steadily approaching hummable at the speed of sound.

Se habla espanol.

The rest of the Top 50.



  1. This has been an ambitious undertaking,- one that you have executed masterfully, Capitalist (that word always pops up in my head when I read your posts). I’m going to choose one of your tunes and play it as fireworks burst from the Stratosphere at midnight. Seems apropos.

    • The #1 track would go great with some fireworks. It makes for a nice juxtaposition. Thanks for the compliments, elizabeth. This has been what people refer to as a “labor of love” shortly before you punch them for being so narcissistic and pretentious.

  2. I like me my Sonic Youts and these guys certainly have listened to them and few of their more pop-ish contemporaries.

    Hey, I’m in the Top 20 now! At this rate, I may hit #1 in time for 2011’s list.

    • It’s that kind of detuned guitar that makes this track. It would still be rather pretty without it, but not nearly half as interesting.

      I’m looking forward to continuing this discussion in 2012, the year the world ends.

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