Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Grinderman – Bellringer Blues

December 11, 2010

22. Grinderman – Bellringer Blues.mp3

Pompadoured beanpole Nick Cave has never sounded more vital than with his rockier new project Grinderman. All the love and all the hate of his work with the Bad Seeds gets streamlined into a caustic recasting of the three-chord simplicity that is the primordial stew of rock n roll.

It’s still the good ol’ debbil blues, but the guitars twist and loop back on themselves while Cave opines on the knowledge of good and the evil it results in.

Grind here, man…

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  1. Something about dissonance that I find seductive and intoxicating (music of my soul). My girls hate when I say this, but it was the bomb.

    • It is the bomb, elizabeth, as much as I hate myself for saying it. Sometimes dissonance is the ingredient that holds it all together.

  2. This one is great, his voice is addictive. The lyrics are amazing. The whole thing was surprisingly versatile as well. It would work just as well on the finale of Survivor as it would on a grainy Rodriguez horror flick.

    • It’s surprising that something so caustic could hold that kind of universal appeal. Must be something in the way Nick Cave carries the song with his near-baritone vocalizing.

  3. This was great, perfectly raw rock kind of blues and of course his voice just rocks – but best of all, it aquatinted me with the fact that Cave has a new project! (I had no idea, which would be considered unAustralian of me…)

    • Not to make you feel any more unAustralian, but this is his second album with Grinderman. There’s no time like the present to start catching up. Check out the Grinderman website. It’s a beauty filled with dark music and a wandering white wolf.

  4. Could be the best one on your list so far.

    • You should check out the album. “Worm Tamer” is excellent as well, and loaded with the kind of quasi-double entendre you pepper your comments with.

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