Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Deftones – Rocket Skates (M83 Remix)

December 6, 2010

27. Deftones – Rocket Skates (M83 Mix).mp3

First of all, I’m never really sure whether to pronounce them as the Def-tones or the Deft-ones. (Wiki says “Def-tones,” but then Wiki says a lot of stuff. I’m going to go with the second.)

If you had to listen to one nu-metal band, you could do a whole lot worse than Chino Moreno’s band, which has been a formative force in many lesser nu-metal bands. Needless to say, we’ll try no to hold that against them.

But what we’re really here for is the remix. And m83 do a number on this one. Somehow, through unholy electronic sorcery, m83 manage to crank up the aggression while simultaneously losing every single guitar. There’s not a single six-string chord in sight and yet, the track still sounds raw and unhinged. Moreno’s vocals deserve some of the credit here, helping to pace the tune while being set adrift from his usual rhythm section.

It all adds up to a Deftones track that I would not only listen to, but listen to repeatedly.

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  1. I’m pretty sure it is Def Tones because the name is intended to be (and is, unfortunately, what passes for) clever. Nu-rock is well down the road from high art. You can find it one exit before porn, in the vicinity of Tone Loc, Harry Potter, and CSI Miami.

    • Yeah, nu-rock runs with a pretty shady, mostly unemployed crowd. Also spotted in the general vicinity: rap rock, nu-metal, Harry Connick Jr.

    • Hahahaha!!!

  2. “Unholy electronic sorcery” indeed! This is the first track I couldn’t make it all the way through. But then I sacked up and forced myself through it just out of common courtesy for you putting in the effort and laying your ego/tastes out on the line for public abuse. (Cue said abuse.)

    This track is why I generally avoid remixes. The formula of this remix seemed to be “Take out the best parts. Leave in the rest and add some few beeps & bleeps.” Even I’ve heard of M83 before and I sure hope this ain’t the best they got.

    I’ve taken it upon myself to take this remix one step further. Here’s the Sedate Me Indian Remix of this remix. I even made a “retro cool” video for it.

    I should be a fucking DJ! (or shot for being such an asshole)

    • Anyone who can make the Deftones palatable scores points in my book. As for this being mostly the “best parts” and assorted beeps and bloops, I’d say that’s what I like best about it. Remove the guitar aggro (which is always the easiest form of aggro) and replace it with warm synths. Unexpected!

      The other scenario is that the Deftones did a mass-mailing or whatever for remixes but only gave everybody a couple of stems or an isolated vocal track to use. Thus the remixer pretty much builds the track in their own image, for better or worse. It’s happened before.

      However, this all ignores the fact that your remix tops anything on display here. It’s sort of got a Metal Machine Music meets ungrounded wiring feel to it. Not only that, but your remix beat the original to Youtube by nearly two years. Prescient!

    • What can I say? I’m just always ahead of the pack.

      Thanks for the compliment, but I still think the M83 remix made it worse, not better, by exposing the fact that the guitar is the only thing they have going for them. Unexpected? Yeah, but so is getting shanked in front a guard. Unless a sodomizing and shanking was M83’s devious plan all along. Either way, I don’t want to watch that shit go down.

      If that’s how you roll, to each his own. As long as you leave me out of it, I won’t rat you out to the Warden.

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