Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Twin Sister – Lady Daydream (Glitter Bones Remix)

December 5, 2010

28. Twin Sister – Lady Daydream (Glitter Bones Remix).mp3

A gorgeous daytripper filled with the swooning harmonics of the greatest ’60s girl group to never exist, filtered through electronica (via Glitter Bones) that lies somewhere between Telepopmusik and Peepholes. It’s the audio equivalent of an early-morning mist rolling off the ocean as it gently breaks across the empty shoreline.

Two fine EPs await at Domino Records.

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  1. Forget what I said earlier about girl bands, I loved this selection…in fact, my ankles are clapping (that’s because my hands are busy on the keyboard). You still da man, Capitalist!!

    • It’s a girl band that doesn’t sound like a girl band.

      Thanks, elizabeth!

  2. This song needed just enough instrumental WD-40 to make it really interesting. I’m on my 3rd listen. I’ll be back.

    • Sweet. Tell all your friends where you found and they’ll tell two friends and etc. until we’ve all been investigated by the SEC.

  3. Something tells me I’d like the un-remixed version better. Generally speaking, the only “filtering” I like is preformed by a glass object with water in the bottom, if you catch my drift.

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