Top 50 Tracks of 2010: White Ring – We Rot

December 4, 2010

29. White Ring – We Rot.mp3

It’s those old devil blues, pulling you down with both hands, killing you with forces you can’t understand. The tempo may seem fast but the slurred, distorted and severely pitched backing belies the crystalline iridescence of the lead vocals, occasionally drowning it completely in a brutal mixture of crippling sorrow and intense fear.

There’s beauty all over in here, but it’s the beauty of the damned, intensified by its brevity. The light that burns twice as bright amplifies the darkness surrounding it.

More witches, houses and drag stuff.

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  1. Damn, Cap…I’m just realizing how dark you are. What do you call that high-pitched vibrating buzzy noise? I think I don’t like it for the same reason I don’t like a lot of girl bands (but loved it in Psycho!)…too high-pitched, but you know what…I like the vocals. I’m starting to think you could have scored the Exorcist and done it justice. 🙂

    • I like to think that I’m not really all that dark. I just like dark stuff. While I can be morbid, I tend not to spend too much time gazing into the abyss.

      I’m not sure what that buzzing noise is exactly, but it does seem to be a key ingredient.

      Thanks for the visit and compliments, elizabeth.

  2. Not bad. Maybe a little too “upbeat and “optimistic” for me, but not bad. Great soundtrack material.

    Back in elementary school, I knew a few kids whose hands looked like that. The teacher made them go back to the sink and wash the ink off. I’m sure the tattoo artist in the prison they now attend has restored them to their former glory.

    • Yeah, it’s bright and harmless stuff. It could work as soundtrack material if anybody was making great horror films anymore, like “The Changeling.” Something that invokes dread rather than mistaking “too much” for “not enough.”

      As for the kids: that’s what happens when you run out of cover space on your 5-subject notebook.

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