Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Young Boys – Bring ‘Em Down

December 3, 2010

30. Young Boys – Bring ‘Em Down.mp3

You know all that noise I make about A Place to Bury Strangers taking up the Jesus & Mary Chain’s Joy of Feedback cookbook and setting up shop at the local earbleedery? Well, the Young Boys (voted Most Likely to Google You Right Onto the NAMBLA Mailing List) take the fuzz and wah of the JAMC and run with it, making sure to pour on healthy amounts of burnt-out nihilism.

Nihilism: Like butter for music – makes everything instantly better.

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  1. A little too static-y for me, but I loved the vocals!! Rachel and Bebe are better equipped to render a comment, but hey, this expands my horizon beyond the radio.

  2. Bursts of sullen feedback are often difficult for the uninitiated but to those of us who embrace willful disregard for guitar-playing norms, it’s icing.

    Glad you dug the vocals, though. They’re also icing in their own way.

  3. Are you sure this ain’t Jesus and Mary Chain? Not that it’s a bad thing. I like me sum feedback! But holy fuck, it’s straight up photocopy time out there in music land. It’s almost as bad as the network TV prime time line-up.

    Which reminds me, you certainly shouldn’t search the web for Holy Fuck and Young Boys at the same time. As a matter of fact, just using Google to search for Young Boys will earn you a special law enforcement cookie and a visit from the cops…and maybe a visit from a Catholic Priest.

    • I’ll take a straight up photocopy as the original Jesus and Mary Chain hasn’t sounded like the Jesus and Mary Chain in years. Two words: Hope Sandoval.

      You don’t have worries until you’ve tracked them down on Facebook and clicked the “Like” button. Now my Profile page displays the following update for the edification of my friends and family:

      “CLT likes Young Boys.”

  4. […] hometown favorite (and potentially damaging search term), Young Boys, have just released another EP full of noisy pop(?)[ to my ears anyway…] that channels everything […]

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