Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Parties in Belgrade – Statues

December 2, 2010

31. Parties in Belgrade – Statues.mp3

Though Parties in Belgrade are prone to run a little darker, in this particularly bouncy instance they’ve decided to channel pretty much all the feelgood parts of the Happy Mondays, with lead singer Carlos Anthony sounding more like Shaun Ryder than Ryder himself does these days.

And away they go, rambling on about erecting facetious pedestals, using words more for their flow than for deeper meaning while slightly-tuffer-than-Happy guitars start duelling, one conjuring Hawaii and the other Pere Ubu.

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  1. Feel like I just took some of Scott’s ‘speedy’ LSD.

    • Tsk. That’s nearly as bad for you (and, by extension the rest of us) as encouraging SM’s baby-killing desires.

  2. You say that as if killing babies is a bad thing…and where can I get my hands on some of that LSD?

    • I hear they’re selling ‘pops at the Columbia frat house. 🙂

  3. Sounds very 80’s Britain, if you ask me, for both good and bad.

    The real reason for my post is to say the guy on the far left really looks like he belongs on Holland’s national football team.

    • Very Manchester, to be more precise. Or Madchester, as everybody called it back when music flowed out of it like so many hits of E.

      For all I know, he is playing unAmerican football for the Dutch. One never knows with today’s indie artists.

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