Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Brian Eno – 2 Forms of Anger

December 1, 2010

32. Brian Eno – 2 Forms of Anger.mp3

Eno’s back! And he’s brought a guitar! (!!) And a welcome sense of brevity!

(Note: When I say Eno is back, I don’t meant that he ever really went away completely. He didn’t. He spent several years hanging around with Bowie and U2 at various airports when not otherwise expressing his displeasure with the rest of the musical world, especially Bryan Ferry’s unwillingness to shut down Roxy Music after Eno’s departure.)

No, when I say Eno’s back, I mean that he’s gone back to his roots, specifically his solo debut Here Come Warm Jets, which covered a lot of stylistic ground without feeling the need to run every track into the double digits or fade it into the background completely.

There’s a certain am0unt of edge to it as well, sort of like when the Orb expressed its disgust with the stagnation of the ambient house movement with the release of Orbvs Terrvm. However, instead of the “grumpy old men pissing on their fans” dischordance, Eno delivers the healthy sounds of an elder statesman, gleefully pissing on genre conventions.

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  1. I’ll have to pick this album up from the record store. It sounds not unlike (i.e. like) Passengers stuff. Any idea of who was on his team for this effort?

    I believe your criticism of Mr. Eno’s protraction is misplaced. He can go long (e.g. the Ambient series), but for the most part, Mr. Eno stays in the five minutes or less range (see: Jets, Tiger, Science, Ghosts). In fact, much of Another Green World is Ramones-length tracks.

    Case in point: The HCtWJ title track is still one of the better album-ending tracks out there. It does the intro-build-crescendo-ish-thing that I like about the Chemical Brothers, all within 4:05. When the Brothers do it well, it usually takes six minutes plus (see: “The Test,” “Private Psychedelic Reel,” “Surface to Air,” “The Pills Won’t Help You Now,” et al).

    • He also had Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins on board for this one. Five of the tracks were tunes submitted for the “Lovely Bones” soundtrack (ultimately rejected).

      My criticism is probably misplaced as my familiarity with his output is pretty much limited to his first two albums and his Ambient work. So chalk that up to amateurism on my part.

      However, this album does remind me of HCtWJ quite a bit as it seems a bit more adventurous and freewheeling than his Ambient output (which was kind of what I was expecting when I started listening to his latest).

      He does have that way with music, though, when everything clicks. Also, it’s nice to see him release this through Warp, who have made a business out of musical deconstructionists and ambient trawling alike. (See also: the Aphex Twin’s ambient works double album.)

  2. I just noticed the iSteve link under “What We’re Reading. Controversial!

    • That one’s from RF. He’s like that. Always flirting with controversy, whether it’s links to iSteve and Roissy or recommending socks/t-shirts.

  3. This one made me feel like my LSD was a touch too speedy. But In a very good way.

    • You should stop buying your drugs from high school students. They’re probably cutting it with Adderal and White-out.

  4. “Gleeful” is exactly how I feel every time I take a piss.

    • Not me. I tend towards “morose” as those of us burdened by talent (and miniscule bladders) are wont to do.

    • It’s a lot easier to pee “gleefully” when you can exercise The Male Prerogative (aka whip it out and piss wherever the fuck you want).

      I make a habit of pissing outdoors at least once a month, no matter how cold it gets. I find it to be a real mood booster. I’m sure you can find an example of me in action on Google Earth/Streetscape.

    • So, it’s like R. Kelley covering Bobby Brown.

  5. Hey, I like the track but where did the other 20 minutes go?

    The last time I heard some Brian Eno, it was on a pre-dawn show on a local college radio station and it lasted for 63 and 1/2 minutes. Eno is the kind of thing college DJs love to play when they have to take a dump or get high in the parking lot.

    • I made the same assumption myself before Overconfident Orientalist set me straight in the comment thread.

      I’d just always assumed that all ambient tracks lasted a minimum of 9 minutes, the shortest of which are all titled “Interlude.”

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