Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Diversion #1 featuring Lil Wayne vs. Deadmau5

November 30, 2010

Deadmau5 vs. Lil Wayne – Steady Ghostin (Mike D Remix).mp3

By request, here’s a track that is both a.) not in the Top 50 and b.) not even from 2010. (Well, technically it is, but Ghosts N Stuff predates this fine year of our Lord 2K10.) Those would be the only things “wrong” with this mashed-up masterpiece.

Take Deadmau5’s inescapable Ghosts N Stuff, which has been passed around more times than your sister.* Add Lil Wayne’s unhinged nasal braggadacio and you’ve got got yourself a dancefloor annihilator guaranteed to get everyone’s hands in the air and off your sister’s** ass.

This particular couplet never fails to make me grin like a grill-sportin’ fool:

Now, I’m the man around this motherfucker
I’m so hot you probably catch a tan around this motherfucker

* This, of course, does not refer to your sister, whose purity has never been assailed repeatedly at frat hourses, Bourbon Street, the supply closet, etc. Obviously this refers to other people’s promiscuous sisters (you know who you are) whose sexual partners are now nearing triple digits.
** Again, not your sister. We used the royal “your” to implicate specifically those people whose sisters have earned the nickname “Town Pump” or “Community Garden***.”
*** Because everyone’s deposited some seed there. It’s kind of a Biblical term. We’ve also heard “Cum Dumpster” bandied about, but that was from some known degenerates whose opinion is not to be trusted other than while attempting to purchase narcotics from said degenerates.
And don’t even think of bringing up politics or religion while making small talk during the weighing and packaging of said narcotics. There’s an hour-and-a-half of your life you won’t get back. An hour-and-a-half of non-drug-using life. Gun control discussions are pretty much the same kind of timesink only with the added dubious thrill of an impromptu display of loaded weapons by a coked-up, easily angered paranoiac in the “import/export” business.



  1. ‘I’m so hot you can probably catch a tan’ is battle brilliance. Reminds me of another fav – ‘I’m so right even my errors are correct’. Ha. Gotta love it.

    And lovin hearing you wax lyrical about all these tracks, you are a great music writer

    • Yeah, he talks pretty big for such a little guy. But then again, all the rappers with an appended “lil'” punch twice their weight with their mouths.

      That “correct” battle line sounds like a paraphrased Tony Montana: “I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.” It’s that sort of contradictory affirmation that makes rap such fun to listen to.

      Thanks for the compliments and the visit, Ruby.

  2. You probably guessed that you could draw me out of the shadows of the periphery with this song and your observational brilliance being directed at narcotics and the amazing people who provide them. You were right!

    Great song and even better writing CLT. You so talented that Pulitzers would bounce right off you dome. Wait, I’m not sure that makes sense.

    • I figured if anyone was going to comment on this one, it’d be you, Scott. Drugs, amoral siblings… um, Lil Wayne. It’s all right up your darkened alley.

      (Of course, I also figured elizabeth would comment on this since she requested Mssr. Wayne’s presence, but I guess the little face next to the “Like” button will have to do.)

      Your compliment does make sense in a weird sort of way, but my head is probably scrambled to receive thanks to Ruby’s comment and Wayne himself, who can turn a phrase like nobody’s business. (And occasionally, like it’s going out of business. ??) [I don’t really know what that means either.]

  3. Sorry I’m late to the comment thread. I’ve been managing a ‘flare’ (no, not the herpetic kind) and an online business that has picked up Christmas momentum. Ah, yes, sisters. My baby sis (aka “Blanche Wabash” or “Creamy Bumpers”) and I have strolled Bourbon Street a few times (no, not in that way) where police would happily show a little Cajun lagniappe by flashing their underwear if you were to sweetly inquire “boxers or briefs?” Thank you CLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m hammering the ‘like’ button!

    • I’ll excuse your lateness but only because you brought a colorful anecdote with you, filled with words I don’t completely understand.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the track, elizabeth. It’s a quality mashup, but then you really can’t go wrong with Deadmau5.

  4. I’m sure if somebody else didn’t do it first, I would have requested this be taken out of the Top 50 of 2010 for it not being a 2010 song. What can I say? I’m a purist.

    As for quality, I generally dislike re-mixes, remakes and the like because so few make improvements on the original. Most are just cash grabs. However, and not just because I am constitutionally obligated to say something nice about fellow Canadian Deadmau5 (which I passive-aggressively pronounce Dead Mao Five) I kind of liked listening to this. Although, I suspect it may start to grow thin after a while…providing I don’t take recreation pharmaceuticals every time I listen to it.

    All I know about this Lil’ Wayne fellow is that he’s in jail and ain’t scoring any more goals this season, which should piss of his dad. Going by this track, I suspect Lil’ Wayne is ripping off Digital Underground rapper Humpty Hump.

    And, for the record, it takes a hell of a lot more than this to get me to take my hands off somebody’s sister’s ass and grab the air instead.

    • This mashup’s no cash grab. No one’s making any money off this. Not Deadmau5. Not the recently sprung Lil Wayne. Not even me.

      Most remixes these days tend to be calling cards for the producers, what with the death of the CD single. I’m not sure there’s a ton of money to be made anymore on re-rubbing other people’s music. Otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing things like certified legends Mogwai playing with virtual unknowns like Yuck. They must just be doing it cause they like doing it.

      I find it somewhat impressive that you can type this prolifically with both hands on my sister’s ass.

    • You’re not getting paid for any of this? Some capitalist you are!

      Lil’ Wayne is out of the penalty box? I’m sure the people who care will give a shit. He’s probably got enough time to get back into playing shape before the end of the season, so Wayne Sr might not be so disappointed. I’m sure Wayne Sr blames Janet’s genes for Lil’ Wayne’s criminal activity, what with her gambling problem and all.

      As for money, there’s never actually been any money for folks in the music business, except for the organized criminals who run the show, those sleeping with them to advance their “careers” and the sell-out whores with zero integrity and the desire to (metaphorically or literally) sleep with anybody for a buck.

      You’re probably right about “mash-ups”. However, just cause there ain’t no money in doing something doesn’t stop everyone from trying. I guess it’s a case-by-case thing. I know one idiot who actually thinks he’s going to get rich by “investing” all his money in new Hot Wheels Collector’s Editions. No kidding. I suggested he switch to collecting plastic sporks. Then again, I can’t believe the CD single even got off the ground, never mind lasted. (Creating a format that could store so much more and shipping it around just so people could get one lousy song seemed a stunning waste of resources to me.)

      Since the first cavemen started smacking rocks together and invented the first rock band, the best (and probably most honest) way for artists to make money has been from live performances. That might be truer than ever. Within that context, I can see how merely attaching yourself like a suckerfish to a more famous artist may be advantageous as more than just an ill conceived (and off-putting) cash grab. Anybody who walks around wearing a giant, red, smiling, mouse head all the time probably has too much integrity to remix some clown’s recording just for a quick money.

      Finally, I have no idea how you can keep your hands off your sister’s ass, because I sure can’t. 😉

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