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Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Golden Ages – It Doesn’t Mean Shit

November 28, 2010


35. Golden Ages – It Doesn’t Mean Shit.mp3

Fuck all the genre bullshit. Golden Ages is here to make some high-quality electronica and they’ll be damned if they need yer trusty “All Knowing Guide to Electronica Standards and Guidelines, 10th Edition” to “help” him along.

It’s a distorted to hell and back, flanged-up piece of electro-wonk (not to be confused with “-wank,” which is a Rick Wakeman side project), buzzing joyfully and noisily in your ears. Is that water trickling along in the background? And did I just hear the track title swing by with little fanfare? (Yes. And yes.)

Yeah. This shit’s Golden.

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