Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Holy Fuck – Lucky

November 27, 2010

36. Holy Fuck – Lucky.mp3

Holy Fuck tighten things up on their third album, bringing more focus to their psychedelic percussive workouts. Lucky is a prime example of this: a scratching riff melds with some darting electronics, combining to form a killer musical mutation: half-robot, half-Tom Morello and half-Parliament Funkadelic.

This dubious mathematical equation then combines with half-buried vocals and a driving, building rhythm section to create a tune that sticks a foot in your door, asking for no more than 5 minutes of your time. By the time it’s all over, you’re the proud owner of a ridiculously expensive vacuum and a new religion.

The Holiest of Fucks at low, low prices!

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  1. Wat??? I love this!! You nailed it…”darting electronics”…I’d like to see ASIMO dance to this.

    • It’s settled. I’ll shoot your message to both the Fucksters and ASIMO’s publicists/handlers. There’s no way that this won’t not be happening by sometime in the vague future.

  2. Holy fuck, it’s Holy Fuck!

    I got a free concert from them this fall as they played a festival in the park across the street from my office. (One of the many job perks.) Couldn’t see the stage and the music was slightly muffled by my building, but still really damn catchy. I didn’t know who they actually were until later.

    While not that familiar with them, there are several things I like about them:

    1) The name. Choosing a name with a “profanity” in it pretty much assures your Indie status right there. Even if they do make it big, Holy Fuck probably ain’t getting introduced on Oprah, Leno or the Super Bowl Halftime Show anytime soon. They also got Canada’s ruling party (Canadian Retard Alliance Party) to point to them as a reason to cut arts funding, thus providing Holy Fuck with free publicity and instant street cred. http://www.friends.ca/News/Friends_News/archives/articles08270805 A similar event worked for the Bare Naked Ladies early in their career, when the Toronto mayor tried to ban them for their name.

    2) Their attitude. Holy Fuck plays a style that gives you the impression they just walk into a room, see some instruments and say “Let’s go at it, boys!” and the music just pours out. Like the aforementioned young Bare Naked Ladies, their name and style gives off a sense of youthful enthusiasm, but in a way that encourages the kind of knowing, ironic, smirking that’s mandatory for Canadian hipsters. (See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhaRkWfaq10 )

    3) Non-electronica-electronica. It’s easy for the tech-obsessed to jizz their pants about the electronic angle and stick re-mix butt-plugs up their asses to accentuate their pleasure, but I think that does Holy Fuck a disservice. From what I’ve listened to, there’s lot of great drum and guitar in there. The approach seems to be that “Everything is just another instrument in our band. There’s plenty of ways to skin a guitar & keyboard playing, drumming and car driving, cat.”

    4)They’re Canadian and I’m constitutionally obligated to say something nice about them, which ain’t too hard.

    • The drum work has always been key for Holy Fuck and the tight percussive blast of “Super Inuit” was what first caught my ear. They certainly have the “kids running the Toys R Us” feel to their jamming which, thankfully, tends toward shit-hot grooves rather than hippie drum circle wankery.

      Speaking of concerts, I’m still kicking myself for missing the very profane triple-bill of Holy Fuck, Fuck Buttons and A Place to Bury Strangers a few years back.

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